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Talking Comics with Tim | Chris Roberson on ‘Edison Rex’

Edison Rex

Edison Rex

Last week was a banner one for Monkeybrain Comics, as plans were revealed to “bring its digital titles to print beginning in June in collected editions released through IDW Publishing and Shadowline/Image.” But before this deal was announced I caught up with Chris Roberson, the writer of Edison Rex and co-publisher of Monkeybrain.

This interview was conducted before the IDW and Shadowline/Image agreements were announced, which is why they’re not discussed. Edison Rex #6 will be released March 13. Roberson is great to chat with about the creative process, as he relishes revealing how the narrative hot dogs are made almost as much as creating the stories themselves. The world that Roberson and co-creator/artist Dennis Culver had built for the series fascinates me, and it was a pleasure to chat with the writer about it.

Tim O’Shea: As much as this series is about a villain becoming a hero, there’s a great undercurrent of humor. Is that the core appeal of the series from a creative standpoint?

Chris Roberson: I always like a little levity in the stories I read or the shows I watch. When stories maintain a consistently grim tone, it can be a little wearying. Adding in a joke here and there not only serves to lighten the mood from time to time, but also makes the more serious moments stand out by contrast.

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All-ages Rocketbots searching for new publisher



Citing “creative differences” with the publisher, Alexander Grecian and Chris Grine have withdrawn their planned Rocketbots: Trouble in Time comic from Shadowline’s all-ages imprint.

The 48-page hardcover, about five alien robots who crash on Earth during the Jurassic Period, initially was solicited for January 2010 from Silverline Books. However, blog posts from Grine indicated the release date had been moved to spring.

In a brief announcement posted this morning on his website, Grine said he and Grecian will shop Rocketbots to other publishers.

“The good news is that the book is done,” Grine wrote, “so any publisher who may be interested in seeing a killer book for kids about robots who crash on earth in prehistoric times can just see the whole thing, rather than a pitch and a few images.Thanks for everyone’s support over the last few months, it was a real driving force for me and Alex and I promise, we’ll do everything in our power to find these poor Rocketbots a new home.”

Grecian is the writer of Seven Sons and Proof. Grine is the creator of Chickenhare.

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