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Comics A.M. | Graphic novelist charged in torture killing of girlfriend

Blake Leibel (via KTLA TV)

Blake Leibel (via KTLA TV)

Crime | Screenwriter and graphic novelist Blake Leibel has been arrested on charges of torturing and murdering his girlfriend Iana Kasian, who recently gave birth to their child. Leibel, the 35-year-old son of a wealthy Toronto family, is the co-creator of the graphic novel Syndrome, published in 2010 by Archaia, which he described at the time as “a lengthy graphic novel that grappled with the questions surrounding what provokes a person to commit evil acts.” The press was quick to pick up on several aspects of the murder that mirrored the graphic novel: among them, that he allegedly drained Kasian’s blood, as a character does to several victims in Syndrome. Leibel has pleaded not guilty to the charges. [The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times]

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Comics A.M. | ‘Sherlock’ manga releases bilingual edition



Manga | Remember when Kadokawa published a manga based on the BBC’s popular Sherlock television series? Well, maybe not, because the manga hasn’t been licensed for English-language countries. But now the first volume has been translated: Kadokawa, the publisher of the original manga, has released a bilingual Japanese and English version of “A Study in Pink” intended for students of English. [Anime News Network]

Conventions | Attendance at ReedPOP’s second annual Special Edition: NYC, held June 6-7, reportedly increased 40 percent from the first year. [Publishers Weekly]

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U.K. theme park could boast ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Sherlock’ attractions

london paramount

A planned $3.14 billion U.K. theme park and resort could include attractions based on hit television series like Doctor Who and Sherlock through a new agreement with BBC Worldwide.

Developed by London Resort Company Holdings and supported by Paramount Pictures, the 900-acre London Paramount entertainment resort is set to open in 2020 in Dartford, southeast of London. It’s expected to attract 15 million visitors a year with its 2,000-seat theater, hotels and more than 50 rides and attractions, some of which will be inspired by such Paramount properties as Star Trek and Mission: Impossible.

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‘Sherlock’ TV series getting second manga adaptation

sherlock-v1Just a week after PBS revealed a U.S. premiere date for the third season of Sherlock, word surfaces that the drama’s manga adaptation is poised to make a return in Japan’s Young Ace magazine, drawn again by “Jay.”

According to Anime News Network, the announcement will be made official on Saturday, with an interpretation of the television series’ second episode, “The Blind Banker,” set to debut Dec. 4. An adaptation of the first episode, “A Study in Pink,” launched in October 2012, and was collected in book form just two months ago.

The modern-day Holmes and Watson, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, have been the subjects of countless boys-love fan comics since the show premiered in 2010. However, there’s no slash fiction here; it’s a straightforward adaptation.

Owned by Kadokawa, Young Ace is a seinen (young men’s) magazine that’s serialized such manga as The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Legal Drug.

The third season of Sherlock premieres Jan. 19 in the United States with “The Empty Hearse,” followed by “The Sign of Three” and “His Last Vow.”

The game is afoot with Schweizer’s Sherlock paper figures contest

Chris Schweizer (The Crogan Adventures) is a big Sherlock Holmes fan. He also loves to design paper figures for fans to print and cut out, and sometimes — wonderfully — those two interests come together. Most recently, they’ve merged in a set of paper figures from the popular Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss series Sherlock. He’s even created some 221B Baker Street diorama backgrounds for the set.

Like always, fans can print them out and put them together on their own, but Schweizer is also holding a special contest for Tumblr users to win professionally printed versions. Third prize is a complete set of the Sherlock figures. Second prize is that, plus a professionally printed set of the Arthur Conan Doyle versions. First prize is both sets, plus a custom figure that you tell Schweizer what you want him to draw. So if you want Holmes to team up with Batman in your diorama, or a Sleestak from Land of the Lost, Schweizer can totally make that happen.

All you have to do is have a Tumblr account (they’re free!) and reblog his contest post by 4am Eastern Time early on Saturday, September 29th. “Likes” don’t count. He’ll choose a random winner.

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BBC’s hit Sherlock getting a manga adaptation

Tumblr is littered with manga-influenced fan comics chronicling the continued — and frequently sex- and cuddle-filled — adventures of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Martin Freeman’s Watson from the hit BBC television series Sherlock. But Anime News Network reports that Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine is announcing an honest-to-goodness manga adaptation of the crime drama, beginning Oct. 4 with “A Study in Pink.” Presumably it’s all licensed and approved, but then again, who knows.

Young Ace is a seinen (young men’s) magazine that’s serialized such manga as The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Legal Drug, so we won’t be seeing any Holmes/Watson sexcapades; you’ll have to rely on Tumblr for that.

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