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Revisiting ‘Sin Titulo,’ the ‘Lost’ of webcomics

2007-06-17(SPOILER ALERT for Sin Titulo, Lost, The X-Files and probably iCarly.)

Cameron Stewart has a clean, distinguishable artistic style, with a hint of a manga influence, but with panel-to-panel transitions that are more delicate and subdued. His art has become quite popular, with his redesign of Batgirls costume creating something of an Internet sensation. While his artwork lends itself easily to all-ages comics, he’s frequently collaborated with Grant Morrison on such titles as Seaguy, Seven Soldiers and Batman & Robin.

However, his art has also appeared in strange psychological thrillers. In 2010, his webcomic Sin Titulo won the Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic, after it had already won the 2009 Shuster Award in the same category.

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Cameron Stewart on ‘Sin Titulo,’ working solo & what lies ahead

sin titulo5

Cameron Stewart is best known for his work with Ed Brubaker on Catwoman and with frequent collaborator Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin, Seaguy and Seven Soldiers. But over the past six years, he’s also struck out on his own, writing and drawing the neo-noir mystery thriller Sin Titulo, a webcomic that’s earned the cartoonist an Eisner and a Shuster award.

Dark Horse published a print collection of the series in September, introducing Sin Titulo to a new audience. In support of that release, Stewart embarked last month on a 13-city tour that’s taking him across Canada and the United States before ending up in England. Ahead of tonight’s stop at Challenger Comics + Conversation in Chicago, guest contributor Dave Scheidt spoke with Stewart about the origins of the largely improvised Sin Titulo, the series’ place within the worlds of print and webcomics, his eventual return to Seaguy, and his plans for a fantasy epic called Niro.

Note: A shorter version of this interview originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

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Cameron Stewart leaving a trail of art in major cities


Cartoonist Cameron Stewart is touring North America (with a stop in the United Kingdom) in support of his recently released graphic novel Sin Titulo, and he’s been hiding pieces of original art during each of his stops — along with hints as to where he deposited them. So far Stewart has visited 10 cities in the United States and Canada, with another signing tonight at Chicago’s Challenger Comics + Conversation. The Windy City art already been found, but people in Columbus, Ohio, New York City and Leeds, England, need to stay tuned to Stewart’s blog as he drops more clues. Here are the details of Stewart’s tour so you can get ready.

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Cheat Sheet | From ‘Secret Society’ to ‘Sex Criminals’ to ‘Sin Titulo’

sex criminals1

Welcome to “Cheat Sheet,” ROBOT 6′s guide to the week ahead. It’s only Monday, but our contributors have their eyes on Wednesday releases, ranging from Sex Criminals #1 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky to the fifth volume of A Bride’s Story by Kaoru Mori to the Dark Horse collection of Cameron Stewart’s acclaimed webcomic Sin Titulo.

To see what we’re looking forward to this week, just keep reading.

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Comics A.M. | ‘Witch Hunts’ wins Bram Stoker Award

Witch Hunts

Witch Hunts

Awards | Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times, written by Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton and illustrated by Greg Chapman, won the Bram Stoker Award for superior achievement in a graphic novel, presented over the weekend by the Horror Writers Association. Winners with a comic-book connection in other categories include Caitlin R. Kiernan (novel, The Drowning Girl), Jonathan Maberry (young-adult novel, Flesh & Bone), and Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (screenplay, The Cabin in the Woods). [Horror Writers Association]

Graphic novels | Heidi MacDonald looks at Dark Horse’s plans to expand its Originals line of creator-owned graphic novels this year; upcoming releases include print editions of Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette and Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo, as well as a new graphic novel, Bad Houses, by Sara Ryan and Carla Speed McNeil. [Publishers Weekly]

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Dark Horse to collect Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo webcomic

Dark Horse will publish a hardcover collection of Cameron Stewart’s Eisner Award-winning webcomic Sin Titulo next year. The neo-noir mystery thriller, which debuted in 2007 as part of the Transmission X comics collective, concluded just last week.

“Many people have opined that I should have gone through Kickstarter rather than a publisher, but I actually agreed to publish through Dark Horse a couple of years ago, before Kickstarter had shown itself to be a viable means of funding,” Stewart explained on the comic’s website. “From my conversations with Dark Horse it’s clear that they really love the story and will do their utmost to produce a beautiful, high quality book. I think Kickstarter is for the most part a great means of funding projects, and I may still use it in the future for another comic, but for now I am very comfortable and confident that Dark Horse is the best home for Sin Titulo.”

He noted that he’ll make revisions for the landscape-format edition, “mainly tidying up lettering and colour, so that it looks its best in print.” The cover price hasn’t been determined.

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Cameron Stewart recommits to Sin Titulo

Cameron Stewart has been on a roll as of late, becoming one of the key artists in Grant Morrison’s Batman stories as well as a go-to guy for licensed titles like IDW’s Suicide Girls and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed graphic novel. Between all that, however, Stewart has found some free time to recommit to his Eisner-winning webcomic Sin Titulo.

With one reviewer describing Sin Titulo as “out-Lynching David Lynch,” the enterprising series is a study in pacing and mood that is good in daily installments or saved up for marathon reading sessions every couple months (that’s me, at least). Stewart has already posted two new pages this week, with a plan to do three or four each week until the end of the series. Stewart has plans to release Sin Titulo as a print book in 2012, so even if you’re not the type to read comics online then you’ve got reasons to look out for Cameron Stewart.

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