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Grumpy Old Fan | This is the last ‘Grumpy Old Fan’

Overdramatic, sure; but look who's talking

Overly dramatic, sure; but look who’s talking

Still here? Good, because I’m serious: This is the last “Grumpy Old Fan” post. Not a dream, hoax, etc.

As for why, that’s not important. It really isn’t. I was going to title this post “The Last Worthless Evening,” as in the Don Henley song, but that seemed to suggest some bitterness on my part that really isn’t there. Essentially, I’ve been given an opportunity to do some slightly different work for Robot 6/CBR. Assuming it all works out, I’ll be back around these parts soon enough; although it may not be on Thursdays, and it won’t be under this banner.

As always, however, some history for those who might have come in late. “Grumpy Old Fan” goes back almost 10 years, to June 2006 and Blog@Newsarama. B@N likewise traced its roots to The Great Curve, a group blog that was going strong when I joined in spring 2015. I didn’t have a standing column at TGC, but when we were setting up special features for B@N, I picked the Thursday slot and chose what I thought was an ironic title. It would hang a lantern on any disconnect between me — at the time, a codger of 36 — and what I imagined as the appreciably-younger segments of online comics fandom.

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Welcome to the world, Helena Christine Collins!

A belated congratulations to Robot 6 contributor Sean T. Collins and Missus Collins on the sooner-than-anticipated, but welcome, birth of their daughter Helena Christine Collins! As Sean notes on his blog, although she wasn’t expected until May 2, Helena “shipped early,” arriving on Friday.

On the website Destructor, his webcomic collaboration with artist Matt Weigle, Sean posts a piece of wonderful fanart created for the occasion by Isaac Moylan and adds: “Insofar as Ms. Collins is currently being kept alive and thriving by mechanical intervention — albeit of a variety both less thorough and less fashion-forward than what you see here — a drawing of her as a tiny, jolly cyborg is not entirely inappropriate. I hope you’ll join me in wishing that she can soon doff her metaphorical suit of armor and join the human world at large.”

We hope you’ll join Robot 6 in wishing that and more for Sean and his family.

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