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Marko Djurdjevic resurrects creator-owned RPG ‘Degenesis’


Marko Djurdjević took comics by storm when he arrived in 2007, producing regal artwork for Marvel. But within three years, he returned to video-game concept art and founded his own company. Now the Serbian artist is creating something new out of something old with Degenesis: Rebirth Edition.

Degenesis is a tabletop role-playing game he created in 2003 with Christian Guenther, and while it faded into memory for some fans it’s something Djurdjević has never forgotten. Now, with his company SIXMOREVODKA, he’s revising and reissuing Degenesis: Rebirth Edition.

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Conversing on Comics with Marko Djurdjević


Marko Djurdjević arrived on the comics scene in 2007 from video games, quickly becoming one of the most in-demand cover artists and character designers. Marvel signed the German artist to an exclusive agreement despite his lack of comics experience, but over the next four years he created covers for virtually every major franchise and tapped to design and redesign characters like the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Lady Bullseye, Quasar and the rogue’s gallery for the 2011 event series Fear Itself.  But after four years producing three to five coversa month and interior work on a select basis, Djurdjević decided to take a break from comics and return to gaming.

Fast-forward three years, and Djurdjević is the founder of a highly sought-after creative services studio called SIXMOREVODKA, which provides character design, concept art, illustrations and more for high-end video games like Batman: Arkham Origins and Killzone as well as RPGs, movies and art books. With a staff of 11 working side by side with 11 other artists in their Berlin offices, SIXMOREVODKA is firmly established and thriving enough for Djurdjević to begin plotting a return to comics on his own terms, working on his own creations.

I spoke with Djurdjević by phone about his comics work, his decision to leave the exclusive deal he had with Marvel. Although Djurdjević remains tight-lipped about the exact nature of his creator-owned comics venture, this interview provides an inside look at an artist you may only know by his covers.

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