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See where artist Tyler Kirkham works and plays

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn! Today we have a special treat, as Green Lantern: New Guardians artist Tyler Kirkham shares images of his office/drawing space, as well as his Skyrim-themed basement.

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And now check out Tyler’s stuff …

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Tyler Kirkham’s shelf porn for Skyrim fans

Tyler Kirkham's basement

When artist Tyler Kirkham isn’t drawing Green Lantern: New Guardians, he’s playing lots and lots of Skyrim. And when he isn’t playing Skyrim, apparently he’s living in Skyrim, if these pictures of his basement are any indication.

Kirkham’s brother posted them on the Bethesda Forums, and they include everything from the game’s signature candles to Whiterun grain to “a custom-built chair by my dad fit for a jarl.” It’s also got a basketball hoop, which I haven’t ever seen in the game, but maybe it comes with that Hearthfire DLC they haven’t released for the PlayStation 3 yet.

If you’re a Skyrim fan, go check them out … the attention to detail is very impressive.

Via Kotaku

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Magical Game Time

Although Zac Gorman has been posting his video game-themed webcomics for awhile now, I only recently discovered Magical Game Time, where you can read comic strips about Galaga, Zelda, the guys from Double Dragon, Shy Guy from Mario Bros. and more. In particular, the above Skyrim-themed strip really hits home.

You can also find more of his non-video game art on his personal site, and check out this profile of Gorman at the Metro Times.

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