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SLG Art Boutiki forced to relocate next year

SLG Publishing will be forced this spring to close its San Jose, California, offices and Art Boutiki & Gallery to make way for a new apartment building. The Market Street location, which Publisher Dan Vado lovingly refers to as a “stinking rat-hole,” has been home to SLG for nearly 11 years.

“The property is scheduled to be razed and have an apartment building built,” Vado tells Metroactive. “When that will happen, we’re not sure, but we were informed that we should be looking for a new place to do business.”

Located in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District, the SLG Art Boutiki is a combination comics store and gallery that for the past three years has also been host to all-ages live-music performances; it’s also home to the San Jose Comics Festival. While Vado tells Metroactive they can probably remain on Market Street as late as the end of the summer, on the Art Boutiki website he teases he’s already “singled out a location that will allow us to continue to be one of the coolest places in Silicon Valley.” However, no contracts have been signed.

In the meantime Vado plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the relocation.

Dan Vado on SLG’s evolving business model

The economic downturn over the past few years has hit everyone across the globe to some degree, and despite stories of invincibility and super-powers, comics are no different. That becomes crystal clear when you read a recent blog post by SLG Publishing’s Dan Vado. Meant to bring attention to the Kickstarter campaign to help finance upgrades SLG’s side business as a brick-and-mortar art gallery, he opens up about the realities of publishing and SLG’s own unique state in it.

“The thing we did here that we sort of made our name on, publishing new creators and introducing them to the comic book marketplace, was never easy and now feels almost impossible,” admits Vado. “The sour economy and the rapid disappearance of places where we sell our books (including the Hot Topic chain of stored dropping comics as a category in their stores) took more than a toll on us. New releases which once sold a few thousand copies now only sell a few hundred copies. we have cut our line back pretty dramatically and where we once published 2-3 titles a month will now only be publishing a handful of titles this year.”

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