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Artists design a sneaker perfect for the Ninja Turtle on the go


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have faced a lot of hardships, from the dank conditions of their sewer home to their seemingly endless list of increasingly weird adversaries. However, the worst very well be the lack of stylish sneakers to fit their unusual feet.

But while artists Hussain Almossawi and Quintin Williams probably can’t do anything about the Turtles’ damp subterranean lair or the activities of the Foot Clan, they’ve come up with a pretty good solution for their footwear: Yes, it’s a design for a sleek, two-toed Ninja Turtle Shoe.

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Talking Comics with Tim: Jen Van Meter

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat 2

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat 2

Today marks the release of the second issue in writer Jen Van Meter and artist Javier Pulido’s four-issue Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat miniseries. I recently had occasion to email interview Van Meter about the project, the overall collaboration experience and transitions, as well as near-term Hopeless Savages (Oni) plans (plus heist genre recommendations and covert gardening tips). After you read the interview, please be sure to check out the seven-page preview that CBR posted last week.

Tim O’Shea: In prepping for this miniseries, did you go back and read past Black Cat appearances for background? Are there any writers in particular whose approach to the character appealed to you more than others?

Jen Van Meter: I spent the most time with the early Marv Wolfman material, honestly. I like to go back to the beginning whenever I’m asked to take on a character I don’t feel I know well. The things I loved about her, particularly in Amazing Spider-Man 195, were her fierce determination and her strength — the Femme Fatale stuff is there, but it’s really overshadowed by her toughness in his treatment of her. I looked at or revisited many other appearances and caught up on the most recent stuff, but I think I really relied on Wolfman the most to tell me who she is.

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