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Comics A.M. | Marvel Comics API launches for fans, developers



Technology | Marvel has launched Marvel Comics API, which “gives developers the tools to create their own Marvel-based apps and digital offerings.” The developer portal comes with a strict terms of use — no advertising, apps must be free — while Kristin Vincent, Marvel’s vice president of digital products, says it could be used by retailers “to pull Marvel’s new releases onto their websites,” as one example. [Fast Company]

Creators | A memorial service for Morrie Turner, pioneering creator of the Wee Pals comic strip, will be held Sunday at the Grand Ballroom at the Claremont Hotel Club and Spa in Berkeley, California. It’s open to the public. The family plans to hold a private service in February in Sacramento. [Contra Costa Times]

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Comics A.M. | Lilli Carre awarded Thurber House residency

"The Lagoon," by Lilli Carre

“The Lagoon,” by Lilli Carre

Creators | The Columbus Museum of Art and Thurber House have awarded their third annual artist-in-resident position to Lilli Carre creators of Heads or Tails and The Lagoon, among other graphic novels. She will spend three weeks working in the Columbus, Ohio, house where cartoonist James Thurber grew up, and the museum will also exhibit her work and host a talk. [The Columbus Dispatch]

Editorial cartoons | Palestinian cartoonist Majedah Shaheen has apologized for a cartoon depicting Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh telling the Al-Quds Battalions, who are depicted as a dog, to “calm down.” After receiving a barrage of threats and complaints on Facebook, Shaheen apologized but added, “My intention was to relay a message in a clear and firm manner. But there are many who prefer to deal with the issue in an artificial manner instead of making an attempt to understand the idea behind it.” [Jerusalem Post]

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Titan to publish first English translation of ‘Snowpiercer’


In time for the U.S. theatrical release next spring of the sci-fi action thriller Snowpiercer, Titan Comics will publish the first English translation of Le Transperceneige, the French graphic novels on which the film is based.

Written by Jacques Lob and Benjamin Legrand and illustrated by Jean-Marc Rochette, was originally published between 1984 and 2000 by Casterman.

Here’s the synopsis, as provided by Titan: Coursing through an eternal winter, on an icy track wrapped around the frozen planet Earth, there travels Snowpiercer, a train one thousand and one carriages long. From fearsome engine to final car, all surviving human life is here: a complete hierarchy of the society we lost … The elite, as ever, travel in luxury at the front of the train – but for those in the rear coaches, life is squalid, miserable and short. Proloff is a refugee from the tail, determined never to go back. In his journey forward through the train, he hopes to reach the mythical engine and, perhaps, find some hope for the future.”

Snowpiercer, Vol. 1: The Escape will be published on Jan. 29, followed by Snowpiercer, Vol. 2: The Explorers on Feb. 25. You can see the covers and a couple of pages below, along with the trailer for director Joon-ho Bong’s film adaptation, which stars Chris Evans, Alison Pill, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris and John Hurt.

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