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shhh, don't tell anyone!

shhh, don't tell anyone!

This week we got a sneak peek at one of our ever-growing spectrum of Avengers books, in this case the Secret ones. As was spectacularly introduced by a website of dazzling intellect and phenomenal taste (and they’re all snappy dressers there too!) the Secret Avengers will be the team that no one can know about … but everyone will talk about! The irony!

So let’s break some rules here and talk about them because, by God, no advertising slogan is going to tell me what to do (unless it’s The Dew)! The line-up thus far is Nova, Valkyrie, the Beast, War Machine, Moon Knight and a suspicious-looking blond-haired man in a funny, but familiar looking costume. Astute readers (who are also snappy dressers) have noted the uniform’s similarity to the Fighting American, a character more known for how much looking like Captain America gets you in a court of law than any particular storylines of his own. So we can make our assumptions and say that blond guy is Steve Rogers in an homage get-up. You can kill the man and give his job to someone else, but you can’t really take the job out of the man.

Looking at the roster, aside from a couple exceptions, you could surmise that this is a ‘Kooky Quartet Reborn'; this is an odd bunch of characters who are in it for the justice and perhaps some personal absolution from the Sentinel of Liberty himself. Maybe he believes in Moon Knight or knows enough about War Machine to want him on his side when things get ugly. Maybe Beast is just looking for a solid sense of justice and some heart, maybe Valkyrie doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Maybe there’s a few more people on this team that will make their true purpose come to light.

And then there’s Nova.

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