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British Royal Mail features comics characters on stamps

Britain’s Royal Mail is releasing a set of 10 stamps today featuring a diverse group of comics characters from British comics. They’re available to those outside the U.K. as well and feature internationally famous characters like Judge Dredd and Dan Dare in addition to less-known folks like Roy Race and The Four Marys. There’s also a Dennis the Menace in the set (he’s the one appearing in front of the Beano comic), but don’t confuse him with the U.S. character created by Hank Ketcham. Though both characters debuted within a week of each other in March 1951, they’re different boys.

To see the full gallery of stamps, visit the BBC website.

Postal Service to issue ‘Sunday Funnies’ stamps, honor cartoonists on July 16

The "Sunday Funnies" stamps from the United States Postal Service

The "Sunday Funnies" stamps from the United States Postal Service

The “Sunday Funnies” stamps announced earlier this year by the United States Postal Service will be issued July 16, kicking off at 10:30 a.m. with a dedication ceremony at The Ohio State University, home of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

The five stamps honor Archie, Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Dennis the Menace and Garfield, so it’s fitting that the ceremony’s guests include Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker, Garfield creator Jim Davis, Dennis the Menace artists Marcus Hamilton and Ron Ferdinand, Archie newspaper strip writer Craig Goldman and Calvin and Hobbes editor Lee Salem.

See larger images of the stamp artwork, and read the text from the back of the “Sunday Funnies” pane, after the break:

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New stamp to honor Archie and friends

Please Mr. Postman...

Please Mr. Postman...

That’s right, America’s favorite teens will be featured on a new postage stamp to be issued on July 16. From the press release:

The United States Postal Service will be honoring the Archie love triangle as part of the “Sunday Funnies” series for “offering an idealized portrait of American adolescence” since 1946, when the comic books expanded to include the newspaper strip. The daily newspaper strip, now written by Craig Boldman and illustrated by Fernando Ruiz, continues to run in newspapers and online publications worldwide.

Funny, I don’t really think of Archie as a newspaper strip, so it’s interesting to hear it has been running that long. The other stamps in the Sunday Funnies line are Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Dennis the Menace, and Garfield, which is sort of an odd assortment. Anyway, it’s nice to know that the Archie gang will be assuming their rightful place, alongside Mother Teresa, Tom Mix, the Lunar New Year, and the Mackinac Bridge, as the subject of a U.S. postage stamp.

Bill Mauldin, Archie to get their own U.S. stamps

Bill Mauldin stamp

Bill Mauldin stamp

U.S. comics fans have a new reason to give the United States Postal Service a big, wet smack on the lips (oh, like you needed one before) as they announced late last week that their commemorative stamp plans for 2010 include on honoring seminal editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin and another set titled “Sunday Funnies,” which will feature stamps of Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Dennis the Menace, Garfield and … Archie?? I tend not to think of Archie as a “Sunday funny,” but any port in a storm, I suppose.

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