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This ‘Star Trek’ shuttlecraft tent concept is ideal for away missions


Designer Dave Delisle boldly goes where no camper has gone before with this concept for a tent inspired by a Federation shuttlecraft from Star Trek.

He points out that it’s not that far-fetched, or off-brand, considering that 1989’s Star Trek V: The Final Frontier opens with Kirk, Spock and McCoy camping at Yosemite National Park (Kirk nearly plummets to his death, there’s a strained round of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and then the film goes dramatically downhill from there).

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This ‘Star Trek’ shuttle pinball coffee table is out of this world


When it comes to beloved sci-fi franchises, Altar Furniture doesn’t play favorites.

You may recall that, last year, the company built an incredible R2-D2 coffee table that houses a 1991 Star Wars pinball game. Now Altar has given Star Trek its due with a coffee table that looks like a shuttlecraft from the Enterprise. Inside there’s an original 1991 Star Trek pinball machine manufactured by Data East.

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‘Star Trek’ redshirt brilliantly has cosplayers ‘kill’ him, repeatedly


Attending a comic convention dressed as a Redshirt from Star Trek is, y’know, fine but not exactly inspired. But attending a convention dressed as a Redshirt, and then posing with other cosplayers as they “kill” you over and over again? Genius!

That’s what Timothey Adam did last weekend at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, recruiting cosplayers dressed as characters ranging from Batman and Harley Quinn to Chewbacca and the War Boys to put that Star Trek trope to the test.

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‘Star Trek’ beams up its own MAC cosmetics line


Set phasers on stunning, because Star Trek is getting a cosmetics line in celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Announced by MAC Cosmetics, the 25-piece special deco collection features lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish and other products inspired by Deanna Troi, Uhura, Seven of Nine and Vina the Orion slave girl.

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This gorgeous ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise replica can be yours for $7,000


No matter how many models you may own of the U.S.S. Enterprise, from whatever incarnation of the enduring franchise, they don’t hold a candle — or a phaser! — to this screen-accurate replica of the vessel from the 2009 Star Trek film.

Of course, none of those models likely costs $6,995, either.

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Patrol the Neutral Zone with this ‘Star Trek’ USS Enterprise drone

Photos via Toyland

Photos via Toyland

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, toymaker Spin Master will release its own USS Enterprise flying drone.

It’s part of the company’s Air Hogs brand, which already features a Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter. Based on the iconic NCC-1701A model, the Star Trek version will boast an integrated light system, 10 authentic sounds, advanced drone technology and a 50th anniversary collector’s display stand.

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Dad builds amazingly realistic ‘Star Trek’ playset for his son


While you could easily mistake the above image for a photo of the set of the original Star Trek television series, it’s actually a shot of an impressively detailed custom playset. It was built by David Weiberg for his 8-year-old son based on actual plans for the Enterprise bridge.

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Mezco sets phasers on stunning with this ‘Star Trek’ Spock figure


I’ll admit that I’m a little nostalgic for Mego’s Star Trek action figures dolls, with their cloth uniforms and light-blue accessories. However, I’ll also acknowledge that they don’t hold a candle to this new One:12 Collective Spock figure from Mezco Toys.

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From the Batcave to the Death Star: A visual guide to fictional locations


U.K. company Rawlins Paints & Coatings has released “An Illustrated Guide to Iconic Fictional Locations,” showcasing memorable settings ranging from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and Stark Tower to the Simpsons’ home and Walt and Jesse’s RV from Breaking Bad.

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British Comic Awards announces 2015 winners

The Motherless Oven

The Motherless Oven

The winners of the British Comic Awards were announced last night at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, England. They are:

Best Comic: Grey Area: From the City to the Sea, by Tim Bird (Avery Hill Publishing)

Best Book: The Motherless Oven, by Rob Davis (Selfmade Hero)

Young People’s Comic Award: Star Cat, by James Turner (David Fickling Books)

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Explore ‘Star Trek’s’ Enterprise-D in this fan-made virtual tour


Taking a cue from the beloved sci-fi franchise, one Star Trek fan is boldly going where no one has gone before by recreating the Enterprise-D, deck by deck, as a “virtual museum.”

Called the Enterprise 3D Construction Project, it’s every bit as ambitious as it sounds, with 3D artist Jason using Unreal Engine 3 and 4 to construct the ship from Star Trek: The Next Generation, inside and out. Although he’s nowhere close to completion, he’s released a video that takes viewers from the shuttle bay to the conference room to the bridge and beyond.

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These infographics explain which sci-fi favorites are fastest


Some questions have plagued humanity for millennia: Why are we here? Is there intelligent life on other planets? Who would finish the New York City Marathon faster, Green Goblin atop his Goblin Glider or Batman in the Batmobile? Now handy infographic holds the answer to one of those. (I’ll let you guess which one.)

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Get energized with this ‘Star Trek’-style home elevator


Although we’re probably a couple of centuries away from Star Trek-style transporter technology, this will do for now.

U.K. company Terry Lifts is marketing futuristic Lifestyle Home Elevators — “U.S.S. Enterprise Home Transporters” would probably cause trouble — that would presumably replace those dated, and far less fun, stair lifts. Capable of carrying up to 550 pounds, they don’t require an elevator shaft; they can be tucked in the corner of a room. Of course, it’ll take you more than a couple of seconds to dematerialize upstairs.

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NASA Federal Credit Union announces Star Trek-themed credit cards


Want to boldly go where no man’s gone before? Well, we might not be able to yet but the people working on the issue are here to help you pay your way while grounded on Earth.

The NASA Federal Credit Union has teamed with CBS Consumer Products to launch a new line of Star Trek-themed credit cards available in four distinct styles: Starfleet Command, the Captain’s Card, Starfleet Academy Alumni and the United Federation of Planets.

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Spacefaring Shelf Porn from San Antonio


Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn, the feature that takes you into the home of a fan without getting arrested. Today’s collection comes from David in San Antonio, who shares a space-faring collection that features Star Wars, Star Trek, Silver Surfer and more.

If you’d like to see your collection here, you can find instructions on how to submit it at the end of this post.

And now here’s David …

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