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This ‘Star Wars’-themed cinema is fully operational

Photos courtesy Dimensional Innovations

Photos courtesy Dimensional Innovations

If you’re heading out to see a movie in Omaha, Nebraska, that may be no moon you see, but rather Alamo Drafthouse’s new Star Wars-themed cinema, which just happens to have its own 10-foot Death Star looming above the lobby.

In fact, the entire lobby resembles a certain space station, with signature Imperial light panels and signage, as well as the Emperor’s throne (the Rebels just don’t have the same flair for design). That chair isn’t just for show, either: Movie-goers can press a button on the armrest to fire the superlaser of the Death Star above.

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Travel like an X-wing pilot with this BB-8 rolling luggage


BB-8, the adorable rolling, whirling droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has already been transformed into toys, a minifridge, a desk lamp, a backpack and even a jet — and that’s only for starters. But he may finally achieved his potential as rolling luggage.

The little droid already had the smooth movement down; all that was needed was the retractable handle … and space to store your belongings.

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Search your feelings, you want this custom Stormtrooper Fiat

stormtrooper car1

Earlier this month we featured some imaginative Star Wars-inspired car concepts, but now there’s an honest-to-goodness, official Force Awakens car.

Created by Milan-based startup Garage Italia Customs, the custom 500E Stormtrooper is a redesigned Fiat 500 that gives more than a mere nod to the soldiers of the First Order. The electric car, which debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show, is of course black and white, with tinted windows that mimic the visor and helmet of a Stormtrooper.

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Stormtroopers race longboards, talk smack in this fun short


Their aim with a blaster may be a punchline in every corner of the galaxy, but these Stormtroopers have some demonstrable skills with longboards. Just don’t ask them to pass through a low doorway.

Directed by Scott Winn, the short video “Stormtrooper Longboard Race Gone Bad!” follows a couple of smack-talkin’ Imperial soldiers as they ride “borrowed” electric skateboards down streets, on sidewalks and through offices, passing C-3PO and R2-D2, listening to “The Imperial March” on Muzak and spouting lines like “I’m gonna drop you like a Rebel base!”

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This copper chrome Stormtrooper is shiny, cool and just out of reach


The good news is that this copper chrome-colored Stormtrooper action figure exits, and it looks incredible. The bad news is that Hot Toys is releasing it only in Asia, which means Star Wars fans in the rest of the world will probably never get their hands on one.

But they can still gaze at these photos and dream of a galaxy far, far away, where this rare, shiny collectible rests on a shelf next to that 1/6th-scale Captain Phasma figure.

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Man dressed as Darth Vader attempts to rob convenience store, struck by salad dressing


A man in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, was charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon for attempting to rob a convenience store — dressed as Darth Vader.

According to ABC News, Jacob Mercer, age 32, carried a handgun into the Jacksonville Beach convenience store on Sunday evening and demanded money from the cashier. The store clerk refused to give Mercer — again, dressed as Darth Vader — the money, and threw a jar of salad dressing at his helmet. Mercer then ran out of the store, where witnesses saw him take off the helmet and reveal bleeding cuts on his face, before escaping in a car.

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R2-D2 and BB-8 minifridges can cool drinks, store lightsabers


If you’re in the market for something to keep a six-pack (or two) cold, these may be the droids you’re looking for.

Continuing the Star Wars merchandising frenzy, ThinkGeek has unveiled R2-D2 and BB-8 minifridges that should fit perfectly in your X-wing, although it’s doubtful they’ll be able to help out with repairs or navigation.

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How to make ridiculously large lightsabers (because, why not?)


This may be the most important how-to you read all week — more important than instructions on how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey, or repair a string of broken Christmas lights. It’s how how create a pair of ludicrously large, and surprisingly durable, lightsabers, for holiday lawn ornaments or for equally ludicrous Jedi battles.

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Comics A.M. | The rise of the custom retailer variant cover

John Romita Jr.'s exclusive "Dark Knight III" #1 variant for Ssalefish Comics

John Romita Jr.’s exclusive “Dark Knight III” #1 variant for Ssalefish Comics

Retailing  | The Winston-Salem (North Carolina) Journal looks at the increasing popularity of custom retailer variant covers, focusing on local stores Acme Comics and Ssalefish Comics, which last week debuted an exclusive red-foil variant for Wrath of the Eternal Warrior and this week will release a cover by John Romita Jr. for Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1. The latter costs Ssalefish $18,800, which covered printing of color and black-and-white covers and Romita’s commission. “Even if we don’t make money back on the books, it’s still nice advertising,” said Bret Parks, owner of Ssalefish. “It’s a lot of fun and it makes our customers realize they’re getting something special, because although you might see a big stack of these ‘Eternal Warrior’ variants in our store, we’re the only store in the world that has them.” [The Winston-Salem Journal]

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Japan’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ train is calling to you


Not content with its Neon Genesis Evangelion bullet train, Godzilla hotel rooms and real-life Pokémon Gym, Japan continues its quest to make the rest of the world jealous by introducing a Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed train.

Kotaku reports the special Rapi:t train began service over the weekend between Kansai International Airport and Namba Station in Osaka. As you can see, the train, whose front already vaguely resembled Kylo Ren’s mask, now has a black paint job to match, along with images of the mysterious villain, hero Rey, and droids C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8.

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This Princess Chewbacca cake is a little Chewie, but otherwise perfect


Coming up with a Princess Chewbacca birthday cake if more difficult than you might imagine. Or maybe it’s every bit as difficult as you imagine. In any case, it isn’t easy.

Reddit user jamieinthenorthwest discovered just that when her daughter asked for a Star Wars-themed birthday party. Jamie bought a large Chewbacca doll in hopes that it could be transformed into a Barbie cake, only to be turned down by several bakeries because because it wasn’t a kit.

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Photographer chronicles ‘The Daily Life of Darth Vader’


Photographer Pawel Kadysz is capturing the everyday life of Darth Vader in pics — that is, if Darth Vader was living a “normal” life.

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In these stylish Chewbacca boots, you’ll never upset a Wookiee


While they may not be as cutting edge as some of the other Star Wars shoes from Irregular Choice — come on, lightsaber heels? — these Chewbacca boots will certainly make a statement. Most likely, “Rawrrrr!”

Made with brown faux fur (no actual Wookiees were harmed, honest!), the boots feature silver laces, chunky rubber soles, and a digital print of Chewbacca on each heel, ensuring you leave an impression whether you’re coming or going.

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Embrace the Dark Side with this ‘Star Wars’-themed motorcycle


When a TIE Fighter or an AT-ST Walker isn’t right for the job, there’s always this Star Wars-inspired Dark Force motorcycle from venerable Russian manufacturer IMZ-Ural.

Drawing its influence from the Dark Side, the Ural Dark Force is “fully blacked out to hide you in the shadows,” and comes equipped with a lightsaber (red, naturally) mounted to the sidecar.

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This R2-D2 speaker phone is in prime condition, a real bargain


Over the past four decades, R2-D2 has proved himself indispensable, helping with X-wing navigation and repairs, opening locked doors, carrying holographic messages and hiding the occasional lightsaber. And now the little astromech droid can take phone calls and play music.

Officially licensed, the Star Wars R2-D2 Bluetooth speaker phone is exactly what the name suggests — a speaker for hands-free calls or for playing music.

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