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Have a spare $100,000? A ‘Star Wars: Battle Pod’ could be yours

star wars-battlepod

For die-hard fans, this may be the time to consider what’s more important: a car, a home and possibly food, or the Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game. Take your time; Bandai Namco won’t begin taking orders until next month.

The price is indeed steep. According to Kotaku, the standard home version (below) of the first Star Wars arcade game ages (15 years, maybe?) will set you back about $35,000. For the premium version (above), however, you may have to consider a second mortgage: $100,000 gets you either the Rebel pilot helmet or Darth Vader helmet exteriors, leather seats that move and react to the game, carpeting and a specially bound owner’s manual.

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Darth Maul has his revenge with this Play Arts action figure


For fans who still have room on their shelves — and many in their wallets — after ordering the Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Stormtrooper figures, Square Enix has revealed the next release in its Star Wars Variant Play Arts Kai line: the 10-inch Darth Maul.

Although the design isn’t quite the radical departure we saw with the earlier reimaginings, it’s a pretty striking figure — one that comes complete with three pairs of interchangeable hands, dual lightsaber, split lightsaber, blade attachments and display stand.

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‘Star Wars’ Underoos are back, this time for adult Earthlings


Expanding on its line of Underoos for adults, Hot Topic is now offering a retro-style Star Wars series featuring Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Darth Vader designs for men, and Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2 for women.

They’re definite throwbacks to the originals, although the Boba Fett design is significantly improved (even if the new Princess Leia set may not be quite as stylish as the old one).

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This Chewbacca hoodie will make you the envy of Mos Eisley [Updated]


There’s good news and bad news for fans of Star Wars and its most famous Wookiee. No, not Itchy.

First the good news: We Love Fine has an amazing Chewbacca zip-up hoodie with soft polyester fur and appliqué satin bandolier. Now the bad news, and it’s a doozy: It’s apparently only available in smaller women’s sizes, and — at the moment, at least — it’s sold out. But with a $60 price tag, you can understand how the hoodies would disappear at lightspeed.

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This R2-D2 VW Bus is perfect for that road trip across Tatooine


When Instructables user mimaki cg60 sought to transform his family’s Volkswagen Bus, it only took a Star Wars marathon to nudge him in the right direction.

He spent more than 50 hours using CorelDraw and Photoshop to hash out the design, adapting R2-D2’s stubby, cylindrical features for the van’s frame. He then had the images printed on a vinyl wrap; he acknowledges “we lost count” how many hours were spent adhering it to the vehicle.

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Incredible LEGO Millennium Falcon interior required 10,000 bricks


There’s no denying that 16-foot-wide LEGO Millennium Falcon built in Australia for Star Wars Day was impressive, but I’m in awe of this significantly smaller version constructed by Titan Creations.

Built for Legoland Malaysia’s May 4 event, this model provides a highly detailed look at the freighter’s interior, at minifigure scale. The 3-foot-7 by 3-foot-3 set required more than 10,000 bricks, and 24 LED. It also took six builders more than two months to complete.

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Store Tour | Dragon’s Lair in Austin, Texas


Welcome to Store Tour, ROBOT 6’s weekly exploration of comics shops, and the people who run them; think of it as the retailer version of Shelf Porn. Each Sunday we feature a different store, and also get to know the person behind the register.

To discover a comic store in your area, visit

This week’s store is Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy, 2438 W. Anderson Lane, Suite B-1, in Austin, Texas. We spoke with creative director Megan Ruch.

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‘Star Wars’ cosplayers assure these are the pets you’re looking for


I never expected a stormtrooper, a Tusken Raider and the spy Garindan could make me misty-eyed, but then I saw these heartwarming portraits — yes, heartwarming! — of members of the 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison posing with adoptable animals.

The three cosplayers donated their time on May 4, Star Wars Day, to help the Ottawa Human Society try to find homes for some adorable-looking cats, dogs, guinea pigs and a rabbit.

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IDW and Marvel team for ‘Star Wars’ Artist’s Editions, fun packs


IDW Publishing has expanded its partnership with Marvel to include Artist’s Editions and Micro Collectors Fun Packs for the classic Star Wars comics.

Launched in 2010, the Artist’s Edition hardcover line presents complete stories scanned from the original art and printed at full size. IDW previously teamed with Marvel to produce Artist’s Editions for Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor, John Romita’s The Amazing Spider-Man, John Byrne’s Fantastic Four and David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil: Born Again.

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World’s largest LEGO Millennium Falcon built for Star Wars Day


To celebrate Star Wars Day, a group of Australians assembled Sunday to help build the world’s largest Millennium Falcon made from LEGO.

Constructed out of about 250,000 bricks, and measuring nearly 16 feet across, the iconic spaceship was created at the Westfield Southland mall in Melbourne under the supervision of father-and-son LEGO master builders Dan Steininger and Chris Steininger.

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Store Tour | Area 52 in Gainesville, Georgia


Welcome to Store Tour, ROBOT 6’s weekly exploration of comics shops, and the people who run them; think of it as the retailer version of Shelf Porn. Each Sunday we feature a different store, and also get to know the person behind the register.

To discover a comic store in your area, visit

This week’s store is Area 52 Comics and Games, 3640 Mundy Mill Road, Suite 140 in Gainesville, Georgia; it’s located in the College Square Shopping Center near the University of Northern Georgia. We spoke with manager (and cartoonist) Dean Trippe. Continue Reading »

With this R2-D2 coffee table pinball machine, the Wookiee never wins


Never mind the movie posters and original action figures (still in their boxes, naturally!), no Star Wars fan’s home is complete without this incredible R2-D2 coffee table. Did I mention it houses an original 1991 Star Wars pinball game?

Altar Furniture is selling this unique piece, which rolls on wheels and comes equipped with a flashlight, sounds (chirps and whistles), lighting program and miniature slide projector that shows an image of R2-D2 inside the Death Star.

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It’s love, convention-style, in heartwarming webcomic


Couples get together over shared interests, and meetings at conventions aren’t uncommon — but they can be something, special as Zen Pencils cartoonist Gavin Aung Than illustrates in this heartwarming Star Wars-themed comic.

It’s based on a quote by Robert Fulghum from his book True Love. Check out part of the comic below, and read the entire story at Zen Pencils.

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‘Star Wars’ fan creates his own working BB-8 droid


The breakout star of the too-short teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, BB-8 made a splash over the weekend at Star Wars Celebration. However, before the little droid took the stage in Anaheim, California, one Star Wars fan had already brought his own version of the adorable little droid to life.

Much like Disney CEO Bob Iger, industrial designer Christian Poulsen looked to Colorado startup Sphero to help bring BB-8 to life. Using one of the company’s smartphone-controlled robotic balls as a foundation, Poulsen added polyurethane foam, magnets and spray paint and came up with a miniature version of the droid he was looking for.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ unleashes first trailer


Direct from Star Wars Celebration comes the first full-length trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, the highly anticipated action game arriving Nov. 17 from DICE and Lucasfilm.

The third entry in the series, Battlefront allows players to immerse themselves in epic Star Wars battles, firing blasters, riding speeder bikes and even piloting TIE Fighters and the Millennium Falcon in locations ranging from Hoth to Endor to Tatooine. They’ll also be able to play as some of the most memorable characters from the original movie trilogy.

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