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Feel the power of the Dark Side with HP’s new ‘Star Wars’ laptop


If you don’t already know the power of the Dark Side, you can probably learn with the newly revealed Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from Hewlett-Packard.

Part of the avalanche of merchandise tied to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the notebook boasts an Empire-inspired, battle-worn design featuring images of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. The words “Galactic Empire” are even written on it in Aurebesh, in case there were any doubts about the computer’s origins. For added effect, the keyboard lights up in signature Sith red.

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‘Chewie, we’re home': Hasbro reveals new Han Solo action figure [Updated]


Hasbro has officially unveiled images of the new wave of 6-inch figures from its Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series, including General Hux and a First Order Snowtrooper. But as cool as they are, they’re nothing compared to what the toymaker showcased last night at New York Comic Con.

At its annual ’Twas the Night Before … Party, Hasbro displayed the very first Han Solo figure from the new film. Although no official photos have been released just yet, some folks were on hand to snap their own.

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Let the Wookiee win: ‘Star Wars’ fan creates playable Dejarik set


Although featured only briefly in 1977’s Star Wars, in the scene aboard the Millennium Falcon where C-3PO advises R2-D2 to “Let the Wookiee win,” Dejarik has remained close to the hearts of franchise fans. Director J.J. Abrams even used an image of the game board last year to tease the appearance of Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And now, nearly four decades after its original appearance, someone has brought the holographic chess game to playable life.

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New wave of “Star Wars” toys awakens


Force Friday unleashed onto fans a Sarlacc Pit full of awesome toys and collectibles from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and as the December 18 release date of the film draws closer, the force of toys continues to grow, with MTV News revealing the latest wave of Big-Figs from JAKKS Pacific.

Featuring Finn (sadly without lightsaber), a First Order Stormtrooper and two variants of a TIE Fighter Pilot, these figures stand approximately 20″ and cost about $19.99 each.

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These are the ‘Star Wars’ helmet speakers you’re looking for


If those furry little inhabitants of the Forest Moon of Endor could utilize Stormtrooper helmets as drums, it stands to reason we should be able to use them for something slightly more advanced. Like, say, Bluetooth speakers.

AC Worldwide is planning just that, with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for officially licensed Star Wars wireless speakers shaped like the heads/helmets of C-3PO and a Stormtrooper.

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Ho, ho, ho? Jabba the Hutt is the perfect holiday lawn ornament


Providing the perfect complement to those unintentionally disturbing Star Wars porch light covers, there’s now an enormous inflatable Jabba the Hutt to adorn your lawn and annoy your neighbors.

Sold by ThinkGeek (of course), the Bloated One is 6 feet tall by 10 feet long, making him just about life-size. In short, he’s perfect for that Return of the Jedi diorama you were envisioning for Christmas. (Ho, ho, ho, indeed.)

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‘Star Wars: Season of the Force’ opens Nov. 16 at Disneyland


Following the announcement last month of “Star Wars: Season of the Force,” Disney has unveiled new details about the attraction, arriving soon at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

How soon? For Disneyland, Nov. 16. However, no date has been announced for the Florida resort.

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X-Men, Power Rangers and more become hieroglyphics in art series


Egyptian hieroglyphics can accurately be considered an early form of the type of sequential art storytelling seen in comic strips and comic books, and artist Josh Ln has drawn a very straight line between the two in his “Hero-Glyphics” series. Ln has taken some of the biggest pop cultural icons — including Spider-Man, Darth Vader and Wolverine — and interpreted them in the style of hieroglyphics; retaining the recognizable qualities of the characters but placing them in a considerably different context.

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The Force awakens with ‘Star Wars’-themed race car


Australia’s Holden Racing Team has unveiled its First Order-themed VF Commodore Supercar, which will debut next month to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

A collaboration between Disney and Holden, the red-and-black car features a First Order Stormtrooper on one side, and the mysterious Kylo Ren on the other.

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‘Star Wars’ Royal Guard joins Tamashii Nations line of samurai figures

royal guard10

It seems like only last month that we were marveling at the ronin Boba Fett action figure, but now Tamashii Nations has unveiled another new addition to the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line: the Akazonae Royal Guard.

Based on the crimson-robed elite unit that guarded the Emperor in Star Wars, here they’re given a Japanese feudal makeover, with detailed samurai armor, a force pike and a katana. Their front robe pieces are also removable.

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This DIY Landspeeder bed is perfect for lil Skywalkers


I’m beginning to have flashbacks to my childhood, when it seemed like everybody but me had the cool Kenner Star Wars spaceships — X-Wing, TIE Fighter, the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star — to go along with the action figures.

Today, however, instead of toys it’s the Star Wars spaceship beds: first the insanely expensive ($4,000) Millennium Falcon cockpit from Pottery Barn Kids, and now the insanely cool DIY Landspeeder from reddit user Ghostfaceace.

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Relive ‘Star Wars’ glory days in ‘Summer ’78’ short film


There’s nothing like summer to get a kid’s creativity running wild. School’s out, and there’s all that free time to create your own adventures with the official toy releases from your favorite film — plus whatever boxes and other items you can scrounge up to bring your vision to life.

Summer ’78, a new short film directed by J.C. Reifenberg and James Arnold Taylor, features a young boy, played by Hunter Leon, a host of the original Kenner Star Wars action figures and whole lot of imagination. And while there may be a “continuity error” (Kenner’s Millennium Falcon toy didn’t actually debut until 1979), it does capture the feeling of being a Star Wars fan in the late 1970s.

Watch the film below, and be sure to watch the whole thing to see the surprise ending:

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Adorn your door with Han Solo in Carbonite


From ice cube trays and back-packs to Pop-Tart based Pop-Art figures, the famous image of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite adorns countless nerd- and geek-related collectibles. Now, it can adorn your door with a vinyl decal from Vinyl Revolution.

Measuring approximately 31 inches by 79 inches, the EasyStick vinyl DoorWrap turns any household entryway into an work of art any Star Wars fans would love.

Easy wrap costs £44.99 (approximately $70) and can easily be applied and removed.

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Franchises collide in this awesome Iron Man-themed lightsaber


It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which Tony Stark, with his high-tech armor and repulsor beams, would need the elegant weapon of a Jedi Knight, but if it leads to something like this Iron Man-themed lightsaber, then I’m all for it.

Based on the design of Starkiller’s lightsaber from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, it’s the creation of Custom Saber forum member Eastern57, the red-and-gold weapon features its own miniature arc reactor.

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This badass tattooed Stormtrooper is truly the Empire’s finest


As excited as Star Wars fans were to see the First Order’s shock troops from The Force Awakens, those are nothing compared to the badassness that is this custom Stormtrooper action figure.

Created by @yononaka_poison, the old-school trooper is transformed with gorgeous, intricate Japanese-style tattoos that start at the helmet, continue on the arms and chest, and finish with the upper legs. Note the oni-like Darth Vader on his right thing, while the Death Star can be seen on his left shoulder.

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