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The comics industry cameos of Peter Bagge’s ‘Sweatshop’

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You’ll be forgiven if you missed Sweatshop the first time around. Sure, it was created, written and mostly drawn by Peter Bagge, and yes, it was published by DC Comics, but not for long. It lasted just six issues in 2003 and, according to Bagge’s afterword to the new collection (published not by DC, but Fantagraphics), then-DC President Paul Levitz decided to pull the plug around the time the second issue shipped.

The unlikely pairing of DC with talent like Bagge was apparently an outgrowth of editor Joey Cavalieri’s success with the hardcover Bizarro Comics anthology, which teamed “alternative” comics creators with DC regulars. Bagge, who had written DC’s poorly received nine-issue Yeah!, met with Cavalieri and decided on a pretty perfect premise for a comedic comic book. (Yeah!, by the way, was drawn by Gilbert Hernandez and was also collected by Fantagraphics rather than DC.)

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Straight for the art | Stephen DeStefano’s Lucky in Love sketches

by Stephen DeStefano

by Stephen DeStefano

Stephen DeStefano of ‘Mazing Man and Venture Bros. fame is working with writer George Chieffet on a graphic novel for Fantagraphics called Lucky in Love.

“LUCKY is actually a book that’s been years in the making, though,” he says on his blog. “And LUCKY wasn’t always LUCKY. Originally he was named ‘Cholly Potatoes’. A year or two after that, he was named ‘Lefty’.
I thought it’d be fun to share some sketches and strips I’d done over the years developing the character—I’ve tons of this stuff, but here’s a little of it to start with.”

Click on over to his blog to check out more early sketches of the character who would eventually become Lucky.

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