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Send us your shelf porn!


Comics are awesome. They’re a great artistic medium. They’re fun to read. They’re fun to collect. They’re fun to blog about. We all know that.

There’s just one problem.

Where are you supposed to keep them all?

That’s the inspiration behind this new feature here at Robot 6. We want to know how you take care of your comics. Do you store them in longboxes or on shelves? In airtight vaults or carelessly strewn about the floor of your apartment? Bag and board or leave them to the elements? Do you organize them in alphabetical order, by publisher or what? You get the idea.

Email me (cmautner at comcast dot net) with pics of your collection and perhaps a few words about how you came about your own unique storage solution and once a week we’ll post the responses we get here, for all to enjoy. Be the envy of all! Show us how inventive you are! Make us curse you for owning that one book we’ve been desperate to locate for umpteen years now!

For this debut post, I thought I’d kick off my sharing my own pics.

A few years back, my wife wanted to have the basement refurbished. At the time, bookshelf space was rapidly becoming untenable. Why not, I thought, slaughter two birds with one stone and have some shelves built into one of the basement walls?


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