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Quote of the Day | John Rozum on The X-Files/Twin Peaks crossover that almost was

Agent Cooper and friends by Glen Brogan

“Way back when I was writing The X-Files comic book series I had planned to include a story in which Mulder and Scully attended the retirement party of Gordon Cole, the FBI Regional Bureau Chief played by David Lynch in Twin Peaks. This would have also included cameos by other FBI agents from Twin Peaks including Albert Rosenfield and Denise Bryson, the character played by David Duchovny. Unfortunately, The X-Files comic was brought to an end before I got to this story.”

–writer and Twin Peaks fan John Rozum, who, along with artist Glen Brogan, has a Twin Peaks story in Strange Kids Comix Magazine #3 (whose Kickstarter ends in 24 hours).

Kickstart My Art | Strange Kids Comix Magazine #3

Remember the toys and television shows from when you were a kid? The gang at Strange Kids Club never forgot, and they’ve been reveling in ’80s nostalgia and the associated characters on their blog and in their independent comics magazine Strange Kids Comix Magazine. And now with two issues under their belt (and sold out to boot), the club is going to Kickstarter to raise money to publish a third issue.

Described by founder Rondal Scott III as a mix of Mad, Heavy Metal and Plop!, Strange Kids Comix Magazine #3 promises a diverse list of contributors ranging from John Rozum (Xombi, Midnight Mass) to James Callahan (Rotting in Dirtville). This unusual gang of artists will run amok with the magazine’s mascot, Strange Kid, running into beloved 80s icons like He-Man, Beetlejuice and even Rainbow Brite.

The Strange Kids Club hopes between now until Sept. 17 to raise the final $414, although if they exceed their funding goal of $2,500 they promise to raise their print run from the initial 300 copies. For $8 you can get a copy of Strange Kids Comix Magazine #3 when its’ published, as well as digital editions of the sold-out first two issues.

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