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Soon you can see those DC Nation shorts everyone talks about

wonder woman-dc nation

After teasing us in recent weeks with glimpses of “Tales of Metropolis, Starring Lois Lane” and “Metal Men,” DC Entertainment has announced that, beginning Tuesday, it will be adding the animated shorts from the second season of DC Nation to YouTube and the DC Comics videos page.

That means those of us who aren’t glued to Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings will soon get to enjoy “Tales of Metropolis,” Art Baltazar and Franco’s “Super Pets” and Robert Valley’s stylish Charger-driving Wonder Woman in their entirety.

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Hey kids, not-comics!: Art Baltazar and company’s Super-Pets can make anything kid-friendly

Here’s a quick review of DC’s Red Lantern Corps concept, introduced by Geoff Johns and company in 2007: Long ago, The Guardians of the Universe created an android army to police all of an existence, but a glitch in their programming caused them to commit genocide in “Sector 666,” killing all of the billions who lived there save five. These five formed a terrorist cell, and eventually one of them, named Atrocitus, killed the other four and used the power of  his anger and need for revenge to form the Red Lantern Corps.

They wield the red energy of rage, and becoming a Red Lantern involves expelling all of the blood in the body, replacing the beating heart with the ring itself, and then pumping a sort of gory, acidic, liquid energy through the veins, which is often spit and vomited out as a weapon.

If you’ve only a passing familiarity with Green Lantern comics, the Red Lanterns are the characters you see puking blood on the covers.

So, perfect for little kids, right?

One might not think so, but artist Art Baltazar seems to have developed a knack for turning some of the modern DC Universe’s least all-ages concept into kid-friendly gold, as he demonstrates monthly in his Tiny Titans comic (Wherein Dr. Light is a science teacher, Deathstroke a elementary school principal and all the minor Titans characters brutally murdered in the pages of Teen Titans live in perfect harmony).

Baltazar gets his drawing hands on Red Lantern Dex-Starr, The Red Lantern who is also a house cat, in Super Hero Splash Down, one of the DC Super-Pets line of heavily-illustrated prose books for younger readers (Each are about 50 pages long, consist of three chapters, and have big, comic book sound effects embedded in the paragraphs, making for fun books to read aloud).

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