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Heroes Con & Supercon make Con Love, not Con War

Heroes Con

Heroes Con

Not every comic-convention conflict has to end in tears. So Heroes Con organizer and Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find retailer Shelton Drum discovered when he ran into a seemingly unavoidable scheduling overlap with Florida Supercon, the Miami-based show organized by Mike Broder. The two shows have announced that Supercon has voluntarily switched its 2010 dates to June 18-20 in order to accommodate Heroes Con, which will be held on June 4-6.

According to Drum, the increasingly busy convention season and a booked-solid schedule at the Charlotte, NC convention center during the June-July timeframe during which Heroes Con is traditionally held combined to limit his scheduling options.

“I had actually just about given up on doing anything at the Charlotte Convention Center in 2010,” Drum tells Robot 6. “Using a smaller venue was an option as well as just taking a year off.” But when Drum put out feelers in these directions at the Baltimore Comic-Con, he was met with such an overwhelming response that he feared hosting the show at a smaller site would lead to overcrowding.

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