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American Manga-Ka exhibit at Kyoto Manga Museum

Japanese manga has been coming to American shores for decades, and as the children who read those grew up, they wanted to see where it all began. A number of American artists have made their way to Japan following the path of manga, from Paul Pope to recent successes like Takeshi Miyazawa and Felipe Smith. And while many Japanese manga fans have a very specific idea of who can do manga and who can’t, a Japanese museum is bringing that question to the forefront.

In the upcoming exhibit “Manga Style – North America,” the Kyoto International Manga Museum will display the works of three American manga-ka for a month beginning Jan. 5. Miyazawa and Smith will be joined by TOKYOPOP alum Svetlana Chmakova to show off their work — the first time North American art has ever been displayed at the museum.

Smith and Miyezawa are both full-time residents of Japan now, and will be part of a panel held at the museum with manga editor Eijiro Shimada to talk about manga and manga-style works on Jan. 14.

Comics A.M. | Archie-Valerie romance rekindled; cartoonist resigns

Archie #631

Creators | Dan Parent discusses an upcoming Archie storyline that will bring Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats to Riverdale, causing sparks to once again fly: “The fans can expect the next step in what I think is the most romantic story in Archie history. The chemistry between Archie and Valerie was hot the first time they got together, and now you’ve really got to see it simmer, all the way from the rekindling of their romance to getting much more serious than we’ve seen before.” [USA Today]

Editorial cartoons | Cartoonist Jeff Stahler has resigned from The Columbus Dispatch following accusations that he lifted ideas from other cartoons, including one that ran in The New Yorker. [Poynter]

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Marvel alum Takeshi Miyazawa returns to Japan, publishes first manga

It looks like Marvel alum artist Takeshi Miyazawa is returning to his family’s roots. The Toronto-born artist moved back to his family’s native Japan several  years ago where Miyazawa has been working diligently to break into the manga industry. After years of hard work — he’s done it, and on Feb. 26 denizens of Japan can buy Miyazawa’s manga debut Lost Planet: Bound Raven.

For years Miyazawa worked as an artist for Marvel Comics, drawing  Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Uncanny X-Men and Runaways amongst other minis and guest issues. The artist’s last major work in American comics was 2009’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8.

There’s no word yet on any American publishers securing the rights for Miyazawa’s manga, but here’s to hoping!

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