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Talking Comics with Tim: Popgun Editors Smith & Kirkbride

Popgun Vol. 3

Popgun Vol. 3

Popgun Volume 3 (Image)–the latest installment in an anthology series often referred to as a graphic mixtape–is set to be released this Wednesday, April 8. This edition features another great bevy of talent and was co-edited by Mark Andrew Smith and D.J. Kirkbride. Editorially, this particular volume is a transition of sorts, as Smith will be moving on and Kirkbride will be stepping to the forefront editing Popgun Volume 4. We talked about working on this latest installment, the editorial process in general and a variety of other topics.

Tim O’Shea: How did the Tara McPherson cover come about?

D.J. Kirkbride: Mark and (Popgun co-creator) Joe Keatinge rocked that. So glad they did. Beautiful cover.

O’Shea: How did the two of you divvy up editorial responsibilities on Volume 3?

Kirkbride: Mark has this tower with a giant $ on the front of it. Inside is a sea of gold coins. He swims in them as if they make up a body of water, only coming for air to check his email and make Popgun demands and order Chinese takeout. Wait — what? You know, it’s been a pretty natural flow, with the divvying. He’s been at this longer than me, so I come to him for advice while trying to keep everyone rocking and rolling in an organized fashion. The book got done, so, uh, I guess it worked out.

Mark Andrew Smith: I think we’ve got a really good support team of editors and assistants and production editors that help out with everything and make sure that things get done. D.J. is taking over with volume 4, so here I was making sure that his Jedi training was complete. He’s graduated into a Master Editor, and the future of POPGUN is in good hands.

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