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‘The Wolf Among Us’ unveils launch trailer for Episode 3


Telltale Games has debuted the launch trailer for the third episode of its adventure series The Wolf Among Us, based on Bill Willingham’s Vertigo comic Fables.

Set 30 years before the events of Fables #1, the game allows players to control Bigby Wolf as he investigates the gruesome murder of a Fable, which leads to an even bigger mystery. In Episode 3, titled “A Crooked Mile,” Bigby “is just steps behind the prime suspect of a horrific murder, but he’s not the only one; other forces in Fabletown will stop at nothing to protect their interests.”

Be warned, though: The trailer contains spoilers for the first two episodes.

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‘The Wolf Among Us’ debuts red-band trailer for Episode 2


Telltale Games has released the red-band trailer for the second episode of its adventure series The Wolf Among Us, based on Bill Willingham’s Vertigo fantasy Fables.

Set 30 years before the events of Fables #1, the game allows players to control Bigby Wolf as he investigates the gruesome murder of a Fable, which leads to an even bigger mystery. The new episode, titled “Smoke & Mirrors,” is expected to debut next month, although Telltale teases only that it’s “coming soon.”

The Wolf Among Us premiered in October across multiple platform. You can read the Comic Book Resources review of the first episode here.

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The Walking Dead game’s first episode available for free download

Telltale Games is offering the first episode of its critically acclaimed Walking Dead video game free for download from the App Store for a limited time.

Debuting in April, the episodic role-playing adventure game takes place in the same fictional setting as The Walking Dead comic series, and centers on an original character named Lee Everett, a university professor and convicted killer who rescues and cares for a young girl named Clementine in the wake of the apocalypse. Familiar characters like Glenn and Hershel also appear in the game’s five-episode first season.

Episodes 2 through 5 of The Walking Dead: The Game can also be purchased in-app for $4.99 each, or $14.99 in a bundled Multi-Pack. Watch the story trailer below.

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Telltale reveals details of Walking Dead video game retail release

Telltale Games has released details of the retail version of its Walking Dead video game, available in standard retail and collector’s editions in North America beginning Dec. 5.

The standard edition is, well, pretty standard, with$29.99 getting you what sounds like an entertaining adventure game set in the universe created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The story begins while Rick Grimes is still in a coma, and follows Lee Everett, who takes under his win an orphaned girl named Clementine under his wing.

However, the GameStop Exclusive Collector’s Edition comes with The Walking Dead Compendium One, collecting the first 48 issue of the comic series, a special Collector’s Edition box featuring Adlard’s artwork, and a  game disc containing the entire first season. The Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order only for $69.99.

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First gameplay trailer arrives for Telltale’s The Walking Dead

On the heels of Friday’s eerie teaser for Telltale’s The Walking Dead episodic video game arrives a new trailer that provides a first glimpse of gameplay — and a better look at the character designs, based on the work on series artist Charlie Adlard. Stick around after the trailer to watch story consultant Gary Whitta discuss his role and emphasize that the game is based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Adlard, and not based on the hit AMC television series.

“What we’re doing with the game version is starting completely fresh — the same universe, the same time and place, y’know, it’s in and around Atlanta at the time of the zombie apocalypse, but there’s no Rick Grimes, none of the major characters are in the game in a major way,” Whitta says. “Because how many times can you really keep telling the same story about that one set of characters? [...] So that’s the fun thing, that we didn’t just want to go back and do Rick’s story over again, so we’ve created a completely new set of characters who are — it’s a similar kind of group, it’s a disparate group, and they’re often as much as threat to themselves as the undead are, and there’s all the kind of interpersonal drama that plays out.”

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Chilling teaser trailer debuts for Walking Dead video game

Telltale Games has premiered a creepy teaser trailer for The Walking Dead video game that lacks any gameplay footage but makes up for it with a sense of dread and helplessness that captures the mood of both the comic series (by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard) and the hit television adaptation.

The game centers on Lee Everett, a character created specifically for the game, in a parallel story to the acclaimed comic series, with designs based on Adlard’s art. Telltale CEO Dan Connors announced earlier this week that the developer is about to submit the episodic game for approval through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, which means it could go on sale as soon as late April or early May.

Check out  the trailer below.

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Telltale developing Fables, Walking Dead video games [Updated]

Fables: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1

Telltale Games is set to announce an agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive to develop video games based on Fables, the acclaimed Vertigo series created by Bill Willingham, All Things Digital reports.

That’s in addition to the earlier rumored games based on AMC’s wildly popular Walking Dead, itself an adaptation of the Image Comics series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

The San Rafael, Calif.-based Telltale has created episodic games based on CSI, Wallace & Gromit and Jeff Smith’s Bone. It’s now working on series for the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future franchises. Details of the Fables and Walking Dead games are slim — what you’ve read is all that’s been revealed — but more information should be announced after Telltale’s presentation wraps up later today in San Francisco.

Debuting in 2002, Fables centers on characters characters from folklore and fairy tales who live in exile in modern New York City and elsewhere in the “mundane” world. It’s a premise that certainly lends itself to Telltale’s brand of episodic games.

Update: IGN talks briefly with Kirkman, who says The Walking Dead game will fall “within the comic book world.” Telltale also has released promotional art by Adlard, which you can see after the break.

Update 2: Telltale has made the official announcements about both games. Read the press releases below.

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