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How dreamy are ‘The Dream Merchant’ and ‘Dream Thief’?


Two comics with “dream” in the title hit stands Wednesday, and although they’re two very different comics and don’t really have anything to do with each other, I naturally thought I’d combine them into one “Chain Reactions.”

On one side of the dreamscape is Dream Merchant, by Nathan Edmonson and Konstantin Novosadov, published by Image Comics. From the solicitation text: “Haunted by recurring dreams, a boy named Winslow is hunted by mysterious beings and protected by an old traveler. Soon Winslow will realize that what is in his dreams is what the rest of the world has been made to forget–and what strange entities will stop at nothing to erase from his mind.” It’s a double-sized issue priced to move at $3.50.

On the other side of slumberland is Dream Thief, by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood, and published by Dark Horse. “After stealing an Aboriginal mask from a museum, John Lincoln realizes that the spirits of the vengeful dead are possessing his body and mind while he sleeps! His old problems have been replaced by bloody hands and the disposal of bodies-and now remembering where he spent last night has never been more important!”

So how do the two comics stack up? Here are a few reviews from around the web:

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Nathan Edmondson teases mysterious Image series Dream Merchant

dream merchant

Besides a brief foray into Greek mythology in modern times, writer Nathan Edmondson has firmly entrenched himself as comics’ own Tom Clancy with a string of espionage and military-science series such as Who Is Jake Ellis?, Dancer and the ongoing series The Activity. But with a teaser recently released by Image Comics, we now know his next tour of duty won’t be on the battlefield  but rather in your mind.

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