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Comics A.M. | Palestinian cartoonist to be released today

Mohammed Saba'aneh

Mohammed Saba’aneh

Legal | Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Saba’aneh, who was arrested in March by Israeli authorities and held for what many feared would be an indefinite period, is expected to be released today. [Palestine News Network]

Graphic novels | Aligning itself with the latest trend in education, Diamond Book Distributors has released a list of 98 graphic novels that can fit in with a Common Core curriculum. [Diamond Book Distributors]

Awards | The shortlist has been announced for the Scottish Comic Book Alliance Awards. [Forbidden Planet]

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Kurt Busiek will eat a bug if you back Lea Hernandez’s Kickstarter

Lea Hernandez, creator of Cathedral Child and Rumble Girls, has a Kickstarter that looks pretty nice: It’s The Garlicks, a charming, kid-friendly tale of a vampire family — Pandora, a tween-age girl who doesn’t seem to have any vampire powers; her kid sister Pamila, who has super-cute vampire powers; her mother, a butcher (kid-friendly vampires eat pork, not blood); and her father, a flower-eating barista.

Aside from the cuteness, The Garlicks is allowing Hernandez to stretch artistically in a couple of different directions; in an interview at Yet Another Comics Blog, she talks about her new use of color, saying “My good friend Adam Warren (Empowered) kept telling me my color work was stronger than my b&w/limited palette/pencils, going back to my story for Comic Book Tattoo, until I took the plunge. He was right, and I’ve had so much pleasure in working in color.”

Hernandez has obviously put a lot of thought into this comic, and the art is fantastic. However, she also set a very ambitious Kickstarter goal of $40,000, and she has to raise more than half of that by Thursday afternoon. So Kurt Busiek jumped in to help: He promised on Twitter that he would eat a bug if people support the Kickstarter. Actually, he promised to claim to eat a bug, and at the moment, he’s just eating the bug in a nice little print that Hernandez is including as a extra. At some pledge levels she will draw a custom sketch of Kurt enjoying his little snack. But there is a possibility that Busiek will eat a real bug; at the Kickstarter page, Hernandez writes, “There’s even a possibility of Kurt eating a REAL bug, if the price is Right. (The right price is probably $3,000., the right place at Emerald City Comic-Con.)”

Comics A.M. | Bring your ID to SDCC; artist turned away at border

Comic-Con International

Conventions | Heidi MacDonald reports that the organizers of San Diego Comic Con are tightening up on badges with measures that include matching the name on the badge to the user’s ID to prevent counterfeiting and illegal resale. Amusingly, you don’t have to go too far down the comment thread to see someone blaming Twilight fans. [The Beat]

Legal | Canadian artist Craig Wilson didn’t make it to this weekend’s Phoenix Comicon because U.S. Customs and Border Protection turned him away, saying he needed a work permit to sell comics at his Artist Alley table. Not only that, Wilson was also thumb printed and his car was searched. He said the customs agents even sent a notice to the other border crossings in case he tried to enter the country somewhere else. “I’m paying my own table at the con, hotel, meals, drinks …” Wilson said. “I was going to inject close to $2000.00 dollars into the very economy I was supposedly threatening.” [boardguy]

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