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Comics A.M. | Asbury Park Comic Con gets back to basics

Asbury Park Comic Con

Asbury Park Comic Con

Conventions | The organizers of Asbury Park Comic Con emphasize they are getting back to basics, with a comics event that eschews movies and other media to focus solely on comics. The headline guests for the Saturday event are Michael Uslan, Al Jaffee and Herb Trimpe. [The New York Times]

Conventions | In Pennsylvania, the first-ever Nittany-Con drew about 400 people to enjoy the three c’s of comics conventions: Creators, cheap comics, and cosplay. [Centre Daily Times]

Conventions | And in New Jersey, the Hasbrouck Heights Comics Expo drew an equally enthusiastic, if somewhat smaller, crowd. []

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First look at Govar & Perazza’s Hobbit walking song fan webcomic

With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hitting theaters Friday, fan interest is high — and some of those fans happen to be comic creators. Artist Daniel Govar and writer (and former comics executive) Ron Perazza are releasing today a unique one-off comic project on Comic Book Think Take celebrating an overlooked facet of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth stories: the walking songs of Bilbo Baggins.

The Road Goes Ever On is described by Perazza as “a lyrical presentation of the Shire” based on Baggins’ walking songs featured in the Middle-earth stories. In those original novels, the songs were featured in bits and pieces that are now collectively referred to as “The Old Walking Song.” Govar and Perazza have threaded those verses into  one continuous piece that they’ve overlaid on a panoramic view of the Shire illustrated by Govar.

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Go there and back again with Sam Bosma’s Hobbit illustrations

The Great Goblin by Sam Bosma

The Great Goblin by Sam Bosma

The road goes ever on, and so does a very intriguing project that’s been cooking for over a year but to which I am just catching up now: Artist Sam Bosma is doing a suite of twelve illustrations based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy classic The Hobbit. Scroll through his extensive archive and you’ll find elves, trolls, giants, goblins, dwarves, eagles, wizards, Gollum and, of course, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, drawn in an absolutely sumptuous style.

Bosma often goes off-model in terms of hewing to Professor T’s descriptions from the books, but mostly in a rewarding fashion; I certainly never pictured the Elves wearing this high a hemline, but I’m not complaining. Bosma also posts exhaustive behind-the-scenes material on every drawing, walking you through his entire process from sketches and thumbnails through pencils and final Photoshop tweaks, which is a big part of the fun — check out the Mignolaverse influence on his sketches of Gollum, for example. If we get the Mirkwood spiders, Smaug and the Battle of Five Armies out of him, I’ll be a happy nerd indeed.

Check ‘em out, and if you dig ‘em, keep in mind that Bosma created the illustrations for the recently completed Picture Book Report project, which features similar illustration adaptations of great books by the likes of Lucy Knisley, Laura Park, Emily Carroll, Kali Ciesemier and many more. It’s like a bookshelf for your eyeballs. (Wait, that’s what a regular bookshelf is. Well, you know what I mean.)

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What Are You Reading?

Chew Omnivore Edition

Welcome to What Are You Reading?, our weekly round-up of the comics and other stuff that have escaped the unread stacks of books next to our beds. Our special guest this week is Nathan Edmondson, writer of the Image comics Who is Jake Ellis?, The Light and Olympus. To see what Nathan and the Robot 6 crew have bene reading, click below.

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