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Rob Liefeld says The Infinite ‘is over’ due to creative differences

The Infinite #5

Rob Liefeld said on Twitter that after four issues, his collaboration with writer Robert Kirkman, The Infinite, “is over.”

“Unfortunately creative differences have sunk The Infinite. It’s over,” he said, noting in another post that he and Kirkman’s Skybound imprint disagreed on an inker Liefeld was using for half of issue #5.

“Artistically, I’ll continue to seek out talented collaborators to work with that keeps me energized for the next 25 years,” he said, adding, “For 10 years all my printed work was printed from my pencils. Now I’m re-discovering the appeal of working with a variety of inkers.”

The fifth issue was originally solicited for last October, then rescheduled for February. Solicitations and covers had been released through April’s issue #8.

Word about The Infinite ending follows the news that another Liefeld book, DC’s Hawk & Dove, is also coming to an end. But despite that, Liefeld still has a pretty full plate, as he will start working on three other DC Comics in May, and his Extreme Studios properties continue to relaunch from a variety of creators.

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Quote of the day | Rob Liefeld on how to beat the ‘haters’

Hawk and Dove #1

“Yep, sometimes it gets personal. Case in point–the new Hawk and Dove launched a month back and to put it bluntly, it was the single worst reviewed comic book of my career. Think about that for a minute. The blogosphere came out with knives sharpened, grilling me on a spicket. This is one short month after The Infinite, a book I produce with Robert Kirkman had debuted to the best reviews of my career. What happened?? Well, I read a few of the reviews, the really hateful one’s and they were full of personal attacks and insults. Many, if not all, believed that Hawk and Dove was the first work I had done in over a decade and asked how I could still possibly be employed after all these years? I was drawing the third issue of a sold out comic book featuring characters that had not carried their own title in 20 years, do I let these attacks get to me? Sorry, I have no time and I have deadlines to meet, and arguing with any of these bloggers would accomplish nothing. DO NOT EVER send a negative comment or engage a negative review, its pointless and takes up valuable time. I advocate moving forward and servicing your fan base. Hawk and Dove has sold 50,000 copies to date, twice as much as my last Deadpool assignment. I should focus on the fans that enjoyed the work, not the dissenters who want to distract from it.”

The oft-maligned artist Rob Liefeld, from a post on his blog titled “How To Beat The Haters.” The thorough post covers his thoughts on his early career, the birth of Image, Heroes Reborn, his three-year “retirement” from comics, reacting to message boards and much more.

Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld unite for The Infinite

The Infinite

Robert Kirkman is re-teaming with Rob Liefeld, the artist he once described as “the modern-day equivalent of Jack Kirby,” for a science fiction adventure called The Infinite.

USA Today reports the series, which debuts in August from Kirkman’s Image imprint Skybound, centers on a soldier who travels back in time to recruit his 19-year-old self, and others, to help defeat a future world-conquering villain called The Infinite. “It’s a buddy movie with yourself,” Liefeld says.

The two previously worked together on Image United, and had planned to collaborate on a Killraven miniseries for Marvel (however, that project never materialized).

“We both like tech gear, James Cameron, Star Trek and Star Wars,” Liefeld tells the newspaper, “so it’s a big sci-fi fantasy epic, but it’s got a lot of heart.”

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