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Hobo cats of the Internet

tumblr_n3p71aAmtH1tvt977o1_500People have dressed up cats and taken pictures since at least the 1800s. They even came complete with captions. “What’s delaying my dinner?” asks a cat in a baby’s high chair. Comedy gold! There’s probably a good chance that cat pictures were shared at an even earlier date. Who knows if Egyptian hieroglyphics were merely ways for our ancestors to exchange silly cat pictures? “Puppies are tractable when rightly understood,” said Harry Whittier Frees, “but the kitten is the most versatile animal actor, and possesses the greatest variety of appeal.”

The truth of those words have never been more apparent in the internet, where cats are flippin’ everywhere. You’ve got cats asking to eat cheeseburgers. Cats watching you watch porn. Grumpy cats. Keyboard cats. Cats that have the bodies of pop tarts with a rainbow trailing behind them. It’s gotten to be to the point that young people these days think they invented cat humor. Adam Koford remembers, though. His site, Hobotopia (recently moved to Tumblr) reprints strips originally drawn by his great-grandfather, Aloysius “Gorilla” Koford. These strips were titled “The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats.”

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