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The Office’s Dwight Schrute recalls his years at ‘X-Men School’

Over the course of eight-plus seasons of NBC’s The Office, we’re learned a lot about Dwight Schrute: He operates a successful beet farm, and a not-so-successful bed and breakfast, he’s served as a volunteer deputy sheriff, his grandfather may or may not be a Nazi war criminal.

But last night’s episode provided viewers with perhaps the greatest revelation of all: As a child, Dwight spent time at a special school for children hated and feared by humanity for no other reason than … they are mutants!

That chapter from Dwight’s past surfaced as he interviewed candidates for a job at Dunder Mifflin — a pool that included his cousin Mose, his former babysitter/lover, and one of his classmates from “X-Men School.”

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Read The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert from NBC’s The Office

From "The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert"

Perhaps the most poignant moment in last night’s Christmas episode of The Office came when an insecure Pam (Jenna Fischer) finally presented husband Jim (John Krasinski) with The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, the comic she created for him. While the audience could only catch brief glimpses of the book as Pam showed it to her unsupportive co-workers, NBC has now made the first three pages available online.

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