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Buy a Kate Beaton tote bag, get a free Walrus

Kate Beaton has contributed plenty of art to Canada’s Walrus magazine and the publication is continuing the association by re-releasing a limited edition tote bag featuring Beaton’s work. “Last time the beauty was available, the stylish, high-demand tote sold out in a single day,” Walrus reminds. “We’re now making it available with a special bonus for the holidays: buy the Beaton tote, get a ten issue subscription absolutely free.” The bag costs $25.

As I’m typing this on Sunday night, there are still some available, but act fast if you want one. The bags start shipping Dec. 10.

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Kate Beaton’s color cover for The Walrus

Kate Beaton declares that she’s still in early days on her color work, and that most of that has been published by Canadian magazine The Walrus. For example, the cover to the current issue. Although she’s previously done some color interior work for The Walrus, this is her very first magazine cover ever for any publication, so it’s kind of a big deal. I imagine I’m not alone in hoping there are many more to come. Ahem, New Yorker.

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