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‘Face Your Doom’ with new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirts


If you’re looking for some T-shirt on the halfshell, Threadless has you covered, as they’ve released 15 shirts featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — as well as Shredder, Krang, Splinter and other characters from the comics and TV show. The Turtles join a growing number of shirts based on comics and/or cartoons at Threadless, which already include Marvel superheroes and various other Disney properties.

The above shirt, “Face Your Doom!!” by Matthew Skiff, is probably my favorite, and I’ve included a few more I liked below.

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Threadless announces Iron Man shirt contest winners

Speed and Velocity

Speed and Velocity

If you’re trying to decide what to wear to see Iron Man 3 on opening night later this week, Threadless has you covered — or at least your torso covered, anyway. A few months ago they had a “design an Iron Man” shirt contest, and the winners are now on sale on the site. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below.

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Comic Couture | Niles, Moore, Jones team for comic tees

This week brought the release of the latest round of “Comics-On Tees” by Threadless, the crowdsourcing T-shirt site. Following in the footsteps of John Cassaday, Brandon Graham, Ben Templesmith, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Lemire, Anders Nilsen and many more, the artists this time around include Kelley Jones, Tony Moore, Chet Zar and Menton3.

The theme this time, provided by Steve Niles, is “Bad Night at the Precinct,” and each shirt features a different monster’s mug shot. Check’em all out after the jump.

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Comic Couture | Cyclops was right, Bat eyegear and more

Cyclops was right

If you’re a Cyclops fan and still smarting from the end of Avengers vs. X-Men, has a constructive way to express your anger–at least more constructive than, say, unleashing a Sentinel or something. They received a ton of requests for a “Cyclops was Right” shirt (a la their “Magneto was Right” shirt) and were able to turn one around fairly quickly.

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Pit Spidey against his archenemies in Threadless design competition

Marvel and the T-shirt site Threadless have teamed up for a design competition: Create a shirt “inspired by the battle between Spider-Man and his archenemies.”

The rules spell out what you can and can’t have Spider-Man doing on the shirt:

  • Use your original artwork.
  • Characters outside of the Marvel universe are not allowed, but Spidey can do battle with any (or all) of the following villains: Dr. Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Venom, Lizard, Kraven, Green Goblin, Vulture, Rhino, and Shocker.
  • Spider-Man cannot be used on his own, but his archenemies may go solo.
  • Remember Spider-Man is a super HERO, so he always wins—and he does it without blood and guts.
  • You may not use actor likenesses or any logos in your design.
  • No political or adult content (sex, smoking, drinking, etc.) is allowed.
  • The characters cannot be represented as children or animals.

So no solo swingin’, no Spot or Stilt Man, no boozin’ it up and no Spider-Ham. Other than that, go wild. The shirts will be judged by the Threadless community, with the most popular ones going on to be printed and sold on the site.

Threadless debuts Gaiman tees by Cassaday, Templesmith & more

Nearly lost in the hustle and bustle of Comic-Con International was the release of the sixth installment of Threadless’ Comics-On Tees, which features Neil Gaiman’s poem “The Day the Saucers Came” as interpreted in four T-shirt designs by John Cassaday, Brandon Graham, Ben Templesmith, and Estudio Verso (the winner of the website’s Comic Book Legal Defense Fund challenge). A quarter of the sales generated from Estudio Verso’s design all four designs will be donated to the CBLDF.

You can check out all four designs below.

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Comic Couture | Calvin and Hobbits, Green Lantern math and more

Four entries this time that I’ve been saving up for a not-so-rainy day …

Halfling and Wizard

First up this round is the above shirt from Threadless, generically named “Halfling and Wizard.” Any similarities to trademarked characters is purely coincidental.

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Comic Couture | Dan Hipp goes headless at Threadless

If you are a fan of Dan Hipp’s work on Amazing Joy Buzzards, Gyakushu!, Ben 10 or his wonderful art blog, then you might want to know that Threadless recently turned the above image, “Zombie Survivalist,” into a T-shirt and a hoodie. No doubt it will sell out quickly, so head over there fast if you’d like to grab one for your very own.

Latest Threadless ‘Comics-On Tees’ available for purchase

The latest round of “Comics-on Tees” that debuted this past weekend at C2E2 in Chicago are now available for purchase on their website. This round is “written” by Jeffrey Brown, who also contributes the design of one of the shirts, along with Jeff Lemire, Anders Nilsen, and Paul Hornschemeier. The shirts can be bought individually, or you can get all four as a set.

Help turn a Neil Gaiman poem into a rad T-shirt for charity

The Day The Saucers Came

I’ve linked before to the series of Comics-On Tees that the T-shirt site Threadless has created, featuring stories and artwork by everyone from Brian Azzarello to Jhonen Vasquez. In fact, a new round of them debuted this weekend at C2E2.

Their next round of shirts will debut at the San Diego Comic Con, and this time they’ve gone to Sandman writer Neil Gaiman to provide the story … or in this case, a poem. They plan to adapt his awesome poem “The Day The Saucers Came” onto four shirts, featuring artwork by John Cassaday, Ben Templesmith, Brandon Graham and … well, maybe you. Threadless is holding an open contest for submissions based on the first two lines of the poem, the ones about aliens and zombies. I’ve embedded a dramatic reading of the poem with some familiar artwork after the jump; you can also read it on the Neverwear site, where they were selling a pretty awesome print by artist Jouni Koponen that I’d tell you to buy, but it has sold out.

The designer of the winning shirt will receive $750 cash, a $250 Threadless gift certificate, a 2012 CBLDF Protector Membership, a signed and numbered Paul Pope screened print, a print featuring “The Day the Saucers Came” script (presumably the one I linked to above) and four issues of Chew signed by John Layman. A quarter of the T-shirt sales will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with Threadless on this project,” said CBLDF Deputy Director Alex Cox in a press release. “Between Neil Gaiman and the artists involved, you couldn’t ask for a more talented group. It’s going to produce some amazing shirts, and we can’t wait to see the designs that are submitted over the next several weeks. This is going to be a great fundraiser, and an awesome way to see fans and supporters show off their creative chops!”

If you think you’ve got the chops, you can find more information on the CBLDF site or on Threadless.

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Threadless prepares another round of Comics-On Tees

The crowdsourcing T-shirt site Threadless has produced four rounds of Comics-On Tees, and it looks like round five will debut at this year’s C2E2 show.

Previously they’ve recruited creators like Becky Cloonan, Mike Allred, Eduardo Risso, Jill Thompson, Colleen Coover and Tony Moore, just to name a few, to create shirts. This round will be “written” by Jeffrey Brown, who also contributes the design of one of the shirts, along with Jeff Lemire, Anders Nilsen, and Paul Hornschemeier. The shirts will debut at their booth C2E2 weekend and will be available for purchase from the Threadless site on April 16.

Coover, Francavilla, Allred, Samnee monkey around with new T-shirt designs

As I mentioned last week, the T-shirt site Threadless has unveiled the four designs for the fourth round of their “Comics-On Tees” series, this time with a theme of “Monkey Around.” The comics are written by Chris Roberson and feature artwork from Colleen Coover, Mike Allred, Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla.

Check out all four designs after the jump, which you can buy individually or as a set for $79.

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Next round of ‘Comics-On Tees’ feature Roberson, Allred and monkeys

by Mike Allred

The folks the social T-shirt site Threadless are gearing up for a fourth volume of their “Comics-On Tees” line, where they ask a writer and four artists to design shirts that tell a story. Although they won’t be officially announced until Jan. 30, they did reveal the creator involved and teased some artwork from the shirts. And based on what they’ve shown so far, it looks like the theme this time revolves around monkeys.

Volume 4 is written by Chris Roberson of iZombie and Superman fame, with designs by artists Mike Allred, Colleen Coover, Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla. You can see some of Allred’s artwork above, and Francavilla’s after the jump.

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Comic Couture | Aquaman vs. literal litter on new shirt

Marine Litter

Just when you thought Aquaman might be getting a little respect–his New 52 book has been one of the highlights of the relaunch for me–along comes Threadless to hold him back. The King of the Seven Seas offers a reminder that you should always cut the plastic rings on six-pack holders before throwing them away, because you never know where they might end up or who might get stuck in them. I imagine Black Manta is working on a giant net made of them right now …

The shirt is available for purchase here.

Comic Couture | Cloonan, Nicolle, Vasquez, Goldberg design robot T-shirts

"Making Friends is Easy"

The T-shirt site Threadless has released a third round of “Comics on Tees” on their website, featuring the work of Becky Cloonan, Ethan Nicolle, J.R. Goldberg and Jhonen Vasquez, who wrote the four “issues” this time around.

This is the third “volume” of comic shirts from Threadless. The first volume featured artwork by Jill Thompson, Cliff Chiang, Tony Moore and Art Baltazar, while volume two featured Eduardo Risso, Lee Bermejo, Matheus Lopes and Dave Johnson, with a story by Brian Azzarello.

You can buy all four of the volume three shirts as a set for $79 or individually for $20 each. You can find artwork for all four shirts after the jump.

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