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Thunderstrike #1

Congratulations on taking a break from this Black Friday (just a ploy by the distinguished competition to gather more interest in Green Friday I’m sure) to sit a spell and enjoy the musings of Yours Truly. Sure, the holiday season is officially here and there are tons of things to prepare for and ready yourself against, but don’t forget to take time for the little things. The small, quiet moments that might slip under your notice amongst the hustle and bustle of the season.

Let’s talk about Thunderstrike.

When I saw the solicit for this book all those three months ago (we were so young!), I was probably far more excited for a new Thunderstrike book than I should have been. If you are still not excited for this book, just click here and let the dulcet tones of AC/DC rock you into a mood where guys with ponytails and leather vests crack the skulls of evil with a Norse-enchanted mace.

A Thunderstrike revival is cool (even cooler with this song playing!) and fits with the great Thor blitz Marvel is rolling on to the stands in time for the movie. They’re going to want to promote the character and they are going to do so in as many markets as they can think of. One-shots, spin off titles, all ages books that are wondrous and funny and delight a lot of the online community only to be canceled in their prime, all sorts of different books to catch the eye of John and Jane Comic Reader. But Thor can only be in so many books; too many and people start to resent the character’s hype machine. Too little and Marvel’s not doing their job. Thunderstrike helps take the load of Thor’s shoulders by presenting an all ages title that hits the ’90s nostalgia button for long time fans and younger audiences with a fresh start on a newer character.

Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz are the two guys best suited to this relaunch. For one, they created the guy which is all the real credentials you need. They also support a book or a theme to the bitter end and can develop somewhat of an incredible fan following. Please see the first Spider-Girl title, the the whole MC2 universe and their relentless will to live. Thunderstrike was even in the MC2 universe and stylistically, not much has changed in art and storytelling.

A solid creative team, a history in the Marvel universe and a devoted fan following on past books. What on Earth is going to keep Thunderstrike from being canceled?

(WARNING: Thunderstrike #1 spoilers ahead so grab a copy and follow along! Keep the AC/DC pumpin’, too.)

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Who shall rise in November? (Probably Thunderstrike)

thunderstrike_teaser has posted a teaser on their site for something kicking off in November. The headline reads “The World Still Needs Heroes,” with the tag “One shall rise in November.” Based on the artwork and the fact that word leaked out already that Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz are working on a Thunderstrike comic, it’s probably a safe bet that’s what it is for.

I wonder if the silhouette in the image means that Kevin, son of the original Thunderstrike, is picking up his dad’s mantle (like he did in the MC2/Spider-Girl comics).

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