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Talking Comics with Tim | John Rogers on Leverage

TNT's Leverage

This Sunday, December 12, TNT is giving Leverage fans a holiday treat of new Season 3 episodes. First up is The Ho Ho Ho Job (the December 12 episode, which TNT previewed with this clip, is set to air at 9 PM EST ), followed by the two-hour season finale on December 19. Given that neither myself nor Graeme make it a secret how much we enjoy the show, series co-creator John Rogers was more than happy to answer my questions in a recent email exchange. While I had his attention, we also touched upon his Dungeons & Dragons work for IDW (the column is supposed to be about talking comics at some point, of course [also be sure to check out CBR's late October 2010 John Rogers interview where he discussed the ongoing comic in greater detail]). One final thing, if you are not a frequent visitor to Rogers’ blog, Kung Fu Monkey, you should be. The man finds a way to make his show’s hate mail worthwhile reading. As for the upcoming episodes, I was hooked at the name Dave Foley.

Tim O’Shea: In this latest batch of new episodes, who of the core cast do we get to delve deeper into their back stories?

John Rogers: We’ve implied for a long time that Christian Kane’s character, Eliot Spencer, did violence professionally for a long time. We get to see him work with his usual moral restraints off … In the second half of the season finale, it’s very Sophie-centric. Not so much her backstory but just a nice bit on her evolution as a character.

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SDCC ’10 | Dark Horse teams with TNT for Falling Skies prequel

Noah Wyle in "Falling Skies"

Noah Wyle in "Falling Skies"

Dark Horse announced it’s creating for comic-book and webcomic prequel to Falling Skies, the upcoming TNT alien-invasion drama from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg.

TNT and Dark Horse distribute a special-edition 12- to 14-page comic at New York Comic Con in October. Beginning Nov. 1, fans will be able to download an extended webcomic version from the TNT and Dark Horse websites and Apple’s iTunes store. New installments will be posted each week.

Stars Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood and co-executive producer Mark Verheiden will sign convention-exclusive posters this afternoon at Dark Horse’s Comic-Con International booth before the Falling Skies panel. The series premieres in summer 2011 on TNT.

You can read the press release after the break:

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