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C2E2 | Friday



C2E2 had some pretty high expectations to meet. Comics fans and professionals have been looking forward to it since it was announced, but especially after the disappointment of Wizard’s Chicago Comic-Con last year. Though people had some fun at the Wizard show, that seemed to be in spite of the convention rather than because of it and it’s been even more fun to anticipate having a truly awesome comics show in Chicago again. And with their success in New York, Reed seemed like the folks to do it.

LucasFilm artist Grant Gould and I drove to Chicago from Minnesota on Thursday and met our other roommates — Jason Copland (The Perhapanauts) and Uko Smith (FX 2: The Lost Land) — at the hotel. The downtown location of the convention was already an improvement over Wizard’s Rosemont location. Chicago’s a beautiful city and there’s an excitement in staying on Michigan Avenue that you just don’t get out in the ‘burbs. A couple of blocks’ walk and the four of us were at Lou Malnati’s having some of the best pizza Chicago has to offer.

Friday morning, Grant and Uko went to McCormick Place early to set up their tables, but Jason and I didn’t head over until later. Since the show didn’t open until 1:00, we weren’t sure how early Jason’s professional pass and my press pass would get us in. Grant called from the floor to let us know that Jason could come on whenever he wanted, so that just left me. I sent off a quick email to Reed to see if I could get in early, but I didn’t have a lot of hope for a response. I mean, it’s the first day of the show and Reed certainly has a lot more important things to do than answer dumb questions from bloggers who should have thought to ask this stuff a long time ago. Within a couple of minutes though, I got my reply and yes, I was welcome to enter the convention during set up.

What it was like after the break.

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