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Comics A.M. | ‘Attack on Titan’ Vol. 13 gets 2.75M-copy print run

Attack on Titan, Vol. 13

Attack on Titan, Vol. 13

Manga | Attack on Titan is as much of a manga juggernaut in its native Japan as it is the United States, and the 13th volume had a print run of 2.75 million copies, a new record not only for the series but for publisher Kodansha. [Crunchyroll]

Comics | Tom Risen has a thoughtful piece, which includes an interview with Axel Alonso, on how superhero comics have changed since the War on Terror began: “Superheroes since the 2000s have increasingly held up a mirror to controversies like mass surveillance, remote killings using drones and the ‘with us or against us’ mentality espoused by former President George W. Bush. Misuse of military technology also played a key role in recent movie adaptations featuring Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man, showing how fighting dirty to defeat evil can make America its own worst enemy.” [U.S. News & World Report]

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Cartoonist Steve Murray running for mayor of Toronto (sort of)

Longtime comicker and my vote for comics’ great modern humorist Steve Murray has announced his candidacy for mayor of Toronto. Murray, a prominent writer and cartoonist for the city’s National Post, entered the race despite having missed the deadline to register for the election.

I grew up with an actor as president, saw Arnold Schwarznegger become governor of California and an Icelandic comedian win the mayoral post in Reykjavik, Iceland. Maybe Murray has what it takes.

If Murray wins, I hope Chip Zdarsky has a place in his administration.

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