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Cartoonist recounts ‘How I Told My Grandma I’m Transgender’


“Trying to figure out your gender identity issues when there are no stories you can relate to is a bit like trying to work a jigsaw puzzle without the picture for reference,” writes Dylan Edwards in his short webcomic How I Told My Grandma I’m Transgender.

Edwards’ comic speaks not only to his own trans experience but also to the importance of having a way to talk about it; when he began questioning his gender identity, in 1999, there wasn’t a lot of conversation about it. Aside from having to do a lot of “Trans 101″ with his family and friends, he also didn’t have a lot of stories to relate to — and this was particularly true for trans men.

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Comics A.M. | Could NYCC become ‘the comic convention’?

Jacob Javits Center

Conventions | Jason Knize makes a case for New York Comic Con potentially becoming “the Comic Con” next year, surpassing Comic-Con International as the completion of renovations on the Jacob Javits Center frees up an additional 90,000 square feet of space. However, he notes that space and attendance — NYCC’s 116,000 this year versus CCI’s 130,000 or so — certainly aren’t the only determining factors. [Panels on Pages]

Comics | Don MacPherson, who’s a newspaper reporter as well as a comics blogger, ponders Clark Kent’s departure from The Daily Planet in this week’s Superman #13: “In the scene in which Clark issues his ideological proclamation, Perry White retorts, ‘Go easy on us mortals, Clark. Times are changing and print is a dying medium.’ The challenges the Planet faces in the story reflect not only real-world ones in the newspaper industry, but also those faced by DC Comics itself as it struggles to stave off ebbing readership and find a way to foster an audience for online comics. Digital-publishing initiatives in the world of comics aside, I feel it important to argue Perry is wrong. Print isn’t a dying medium. What’s dying are past business models.” [Eye on Comics]

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