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Fully functional ‘Tron: Legacy’ light cycle zooms to auction


Now’s your chance to own your very own functional “Tron: Legacy” light cycle for as low as $25,000.

With a “96 volt, direct-drive electric motor with lithium batteries and a computer-controlled throttle, rebound and compression damping with spring-preload front suspension and rigid rear suspension, and front and rear hydraulic brakes,” the light cycle is “a fully functioning motorcycle that can be ridden, as it is powered by a direct-drive electric motor that has lithium batteries, which is mated to a computer-controlled digital electronic transmission. This custom ‘Tron’ tribute boasts a very low seat height of 28.5 inches, making it easy to ride even at low speeds.”

The cycle, billed on RM Sotheby‘s website as “2011 Custom Electric Motorcycle,” is up for auction on May 2.

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Tron: Legacy webcomic plunges you into a virtual world

When it first came out, Tron was a groundbreaking movie because of its use of computer animation, which up till then had only been seen in limited doses. Thirty years later, an online graphic novel based on the movie, Tron: Legacy, is breaking new ground again by using HTML5 to create a webcomic that is much more dynamic than your standard still-pictures-in-a-browser format.

This is not some cheesy “motion comic” where Hulk’s arm moves up and down while the rest of the picture stays static. Check out the demo video: The motion is not figures on a background but the backgrounds themselves, which rotate to give the reader the feeling of moving through deep space. (If you’re the type of person who gets seasick at iMAX movies, this may not be the comic for you.) Oddly, the fight scenes are more static than the setup, because those scenes don’t have the same three-dimensional motion effect. The plot itself seems to be rather elemental, and you don’t have to have seen the movie to follow the comic—everything is laid out for the reader.

The demo video is a bit of an ad for Internet Explorer 9, which is the browser this graphic novel was developed for. I was able to view it fine in Safari on my Mac, although it was a bit jerky. You scroll through the comic by dragging, so it’s not quite as smooth an experience as in the demo, and it’s a bit disorienting because there are no indicators to tell you how long the comic is or how far along you are. Still, it’s nicely done and worth looking at for the novelty value, if nothing else. Sort of like Tron itself was, back in the day.

In Belgium, no one can hear you scream

The indispensable Dan Hipp has created a series of fake Tintin covers mashing the classic character together with movies like Alien, Star Wars, and Tron. And this isn’t even the coolest thing on his blog.

Straight for the art | Homoerotic He-Man and Tron

Are you "master of your universe"?: Art by Nick Mullins

Are you "master of your universe"?: Art by Nick Mullins

I think we can all agree it’s a great day that sees not one but two ’80s sci-fi-fantasy icons fed through a Tom of Finland filter by talented cartoonists — and my friends, today is a great day. Both Johnny Ryan and Nick Mullins have taken inspiration from the uber-macho gay erotica artist for their drawings of characters from Tron and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, respectively. Will anyone else follow suit with, say, Thundercats or The Last Starfighter or something? All I know is that Destro and Doctor Mindbender are already dressed for the occasion …

(via Mike Baehr and Tom Spurgeon)

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Saul Bass’s Lost opening credits

Lost vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

If there are two things on this Internet I never get tired of, it’s fan-made tributes to Lost and fan-made tributes to opening-credits design god Saul Bass. So a tip of the hat to designer Hexagonall, whose video above combines these two wonderful things. His Tron/Bass mash-up is a killer, too.

(via Todd VanDerWerff)

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