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Talking Comics with Tim | Matthew Petz on ‘War of the Woods’


Comics are a visual medium, and some images grab your attention at the outset. In the case of writer/artist Matthew Petz‘s War of the Woods, I liked the story from the moment I saw a live turtle being used as the otter Phin’s helmet.

The digital series, which reveals an alien invasion of Earth from the perspective of an animal kingdom, has completed two seasons (both Season 1 and Season 2 are available on comiXology) with more on the horizon. Petz recently took some time to discuss how the series came into being and some of his plans for Season 3.

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After Zuda, the War continues at comiXology

War of the Woods

A little more than a year ago, Matthew Petz saw his webcomic War of the Woods win Zuda’s monthly contest. A few months later, Zuda ended their monthly contests, then shut down the website and by the fall the imprint was shuttered by DC — all before Petz’s strip ever began its run on the site.

“A year ago this month I was trying to win the Zuda competition. I finally DID pull off the win…only to watch Zuda fold a few months later,” Petz told me last week. “That was kinda brutal.”

But the end of Zuda wouldn’t mean the end of the strip, as War of the Woods, like several other former Zuda strips, has found a new home on comiXology. But while some of the strips offered on Zuda are still being sold and branded under the Zuda imprint — and through the DC-branded application for the iPhone and iPad — Petz’s strip is now completely creator-owned.

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