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The Fifth Color | An Open Letter to Warner Todd Huston

the fifth colorHi!

I’m Carla and I’d like to welcome you to the world of comics!  I hear you’ve just started reading comics and blogged about what you thought of an issue fresh off the stands.  You’ve had a very strong opinion of a character you have personally interpreted to mean something to you and your beliefs.  On the Internet, this isn’t that uncommon, but — and this is the best part — you have actually had the editor-in-chief himself comment and apologize for offending you.

I know it’s been a few decades since you’ve read comics, but trust me: this is a high honor.  A lot of fans of comics and the various characters depicted in them have done just as you have: looked into the issues of today, found things that weren’t like what they remembered or took an offense to what was depicted inside, and told someone how they felt about it.  But rarely do we get the personal attention you have, from both those inside and outside the medium.  Message boards are full of personal viewpoints, opinions, general ideas both positive and negative, and while Marvel has done their best to answer questions, we fans mostly get a general sympathy.  Without even intending to, according to your blog amendment, Joe Quesada has apologized thanks in part to your critique of the Captain America #602.

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