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Groom makes big wedding entrance with Batman at his side


Disappointed that he couldn’t rent the actual Batmobile for his wedding, Amit Patel turned on the Bat-Signal and ended up with something better: an escort by the Dark Knight himself. Well, a Dark Knight, in any case.

The Huffington Post Canada notes that in many Gujarati-Hindu weddings, the arrival of the groom with his friends and family is often an event in itself. Some make their grand entrance atop a rented elephant, while others opt for a horse (as suggested by Patel’s wife), but this Toronto groom wanted no part of that.

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Batman, Iron Man, ninjas and, oddly, more crash ‘battle wedding’


I suppose the first clue that this wedding was going to be exceptionally nerdy, and potentially dangerous, was that the groom and groomsmen were decked out in pieces of armor. So it probably shouldn’t have been surprising when the minister was interrupted by a knight.

However, the choreographed sword fight with the groom? That was a bit tougher to predict. And no one could have anticipated cameos by an indecipherable Iron Man, an alarmingly manic Batman, the world’s wimpiest ninjas or … the battling bell-hops. Oh, or Jimmy Hart.

But, hey, the minister was a good sport.

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It’s a Gotham City wedding for two Nightwing and Batgirl fans


What happens when a Nightwing fan and a Batgirl devotee meet and fall in love? They have a Batman-themed wedding, naturally.

“This guy stopped to help me hang up a poster and three years later he proposed after jumping out of a plane,” user “babsgordon” writes on imgur. “Our relationship bonded over our superhero obsessions, so why not have a Batman wedding?”

This Dynamic Duo didn’t skimp on the details: As you can see from the photos here an on imgur, they wore Nightwing and Batgirl T-shirts in their engagement photos, sent invitations designed to look like tickets to Haly’s Circus, displayed a Gotham City cake, and the bride sported Bat-Signal earrings, custom-made garters, and even a utility belt (for her bridal shoot, at least)!

And the wedding party? Nightwing-blue for the groomsmen and groomswoman, and Batgirl-yellow for the bridesmaids and “bridesdudes” — complete with the appropriate insignia for the boutonnieres.

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Spider-Man has turned into a wedding (cake) crasher


When it comes to food-related television, I prefer Chopped, Top Chef and BBQ Pitmasters to the seemingly dozens of cake- and cupcake-decorating shows that dot the programming schedule. Therefore, I’m not familiar enough with the latest trends to guess where, or why, this originated, but apparently … hiding a little Spider-Man on your wedding cake is now a thing.

That’s according to Neatorama, which has been spotting edible wall-crawlers climbing out from underneath the fondant of otherwise normal cakes. Because what better to complete that four-tier cake with its hundreds of painstakingly crafted pink flowers than a tiny Wed-Head?

If it’s merely a concession to that nerdy bride or groom then why, as asks, is it always Spider-Man? Perhaps it’s some stealthy confectionery protest of “One More Day” …

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