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‘Whomp!': The importance of being Ronnie


Some may find the regular run-of-the mill Sunday funnies to be a total grind. “What’s so funny about Sunday funnies, man?” you say, nursing a bottle of Applejack as the ceiling fan hums quietly in a somber room lit the slats of sun that streak through the gaps between Venetian blinds. “It’s the same gags, repeated over and over again, in a cyclical purgatory of jokes about Mondays and lasagna. Sunday funnies, huh.” To which I say: That’s some attitude you’ve got there, buddy!

There’s some sort of magic to repeating a gag so often that you sorta know what to expect, but it’s told so expertly that you keep coming back like a drug fiend who should know better. There’s delicious comfort in knowing what to expect, and that’s why Whomp!, by Ronnie Filyaw, is one of those rare webcomics that I’m most excited to revisit because of how consistently funny it is … and it’s anime and McNugget jokes strip after strip.

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