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You can now order Mike Mignola’s ‘Skeleton Head’ wine

skeleton head1

We featured The Mortal Vintner and its Mike Mignola-designed wine labels last year, and now the Dayton, Washington-based winery are releasing the “Skeleton Head” wine en primeur via its webstore for 10 days only. But you do get a 20-percent discount during that period. I notice buying the magnum gets you a little more Mignola art in the border.

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Mike Mignola’s Skeleton-Head gets his own wine

Mike Mignola completists (and wine enthusiasts), does the Mortal Vitner have something for you: a 2010 Skeleton-Head Syrah, complete with a label drawn by Mignola himself.

The Dayton, Washington-based company, which also has wines like Veillantif, Ghost and Flying Corpse, will make offer Skeleton-Head for pre-sale beginning next week; it will be released in time for Christmas, with the bottles signed by Mignola and winemaker Reggie Mace. An announcement will be made on the Mortal Vitner’s Facebook page when the online store goes live.

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An amusing little manga with overtones of burnt toast

Wine, willowy guys, and angst

Wine, willowy guys, and angst

Journalists love to write about the Japanese manga series Kami no Shizuku (Drops of the Gods), because it’s about wine and family drama, and who doesn’t like that combination? Also, the series has apparently given wine a big boost in Japan and other parts of Asia.

But this CNN article has a bit of actual news in it — the creators let drop the nugget that the English version of the manga would be out by the end of the year. This is interesting because while the series has gotten quite a bit of buzz, and even won a wine magazine’s award in France, this is the first anyone has heard of an English-language license.

Fans are happy. But will it materialize? Kami no Shizuku is published by Kodansha in Japan, which means the pool of possible licensees is pretty small, and the online speculation is that their U.S. subsidiary Kodansha USA may be the publisher. Of course, it’s also possible that this could be a British or Australian license, but even so, fans would be able to import it and read it in English. Bottoms up!

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