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Just Past the Horizon: This is not an auspicious start.

Women’s Wear Daily published an article last week about Marvel’s new line of women’s apparel and cosmetics that featured this image:

Admittedly, the image itself is cute.

Admittedly, the image itself is cute.

The shirt itself doesn’t harm anything by existing. I don’t object to it any more than I’d object to seeing a T-shirt featuring Jenny Sparks, the Engineer, and Swift that says “I love to see women in Authority.” It’s a cute idea. I do have serious problems with it being alone in that article. Well, not alone. It’s on display with some heart pendants featuring Spider-man/Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man/Green Goblin (which I predict will be a surprisingly good seller) and lip gloss tubes featuring unrecognizable characters kissing. And that begs the question… Where are the female superheroes in this superhero merchandise aimed at female people?
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