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A cappella group tackles ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ theme


I’d apologize for ingraining the theme to the ’90s X-Men cartoon in your head, but 1.) I’m not actually sorry; 2.) it was probably rattling around in there anyway; and 3.) this a cappella rendition is pretty entertaining.

The video comes from The Warp Zone, the nerdy sketch-comedy group that previously released a cappella versions of the themes to Darkwing Duck, Captain Planet and Game of Thrones, among other shows. So, if you’ve seen any of those, you know what you’re getting here — namely, a fun take on a tune that most of us know by heart, delivered in an earnest fashion. Heck, they even do appropriate costumes (well, T-shirts, in any case), slash claws, toss playing cards and … make a microphone tremble?

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The Fifth Color | Earth’s Mightiest Cartoon

Avg:EMH - Comic Cover

The Wasp can't win in any universe....

There’s news being reported by fan sites and our own Spinoff Online that The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will not be making it past the current second season. You might not have seen the animated series, and that’s sadly understandable: It’s on at a weird time (Sunday-morning cartoons?) on a weird station (Disney XD), and it had a ridiculous theme song for the first season (we’re talking Star Trek: Enterprise bad). Cartoons are still more or less considered kids’ fare, so I can imagine someone eschewing these half-hour animated stories.

Now, I have no idea why they would want to, but I could see some factors involved in missing it, not getting around to it, or simply not having access to it.

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is the most important cross-media ambassador we have to attract a new generation of comic fans that might still hold true to the original values the last age fell in love with. It’s a Herculean feat to transform classic comic storylines into fresh-faced continuity kids young and old can enjoy. Did you know Rocket Raccoon and Groot were in an episode? ROCKET RACCOON! GROOT! There are such deep wells of character development and introduction that I can honestly say The Avengers: EMH version of Carol Danvers is the one I know best. There are no gimmicks, no CGI or special power suits, just quality adaptations of quality stories, all wrapped up in a bow and left on a really far away doorstop at a really awkward time of day.

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