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Grumpy Old Fan | Unto us an Archive is given: DC Comics Solicitations for March 2011

Sadly, Jonah Hex does not team up with the House of Mystery in this issue.

DC Special Series #21

It was both a frustration and a relief to see the DC solicitations this week. I was prepping a holiday column, because it’s my last chance to do something seasonal and I always like doing those. Part of what I wanted to say appears at the end, but the March solicits help keep the more sappy impulses in check.

Anyway, let’s see what’s under the tree, shall we?


The long-awaited Sugar & Spike Archives are finally on the schedule — but I am careful to note that similarly-anticipated projects like Suicide Squad collections and the New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel have also made it to the solicits without (so far) showing up on bookshelves. Therefore, Sugar & Spike goes in the “I’ll believe it when I hold it in my grubby paws” category. It’s also ironic to me that Sugar & Spike gets the Archives treatment just as DC seems to be phasing out the Archives line in favor of the imposing Omnibus format.
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Frazer Irving joins John Rozum for Xombi revival

Xombi #1

DC Comics announced today that Gutsville and Batman & Robin artist Frazer Irving will join writer John Rozum on the new Xombi series that’s coming next year. They also shared the cover for the first issue (above)

“Creator and writer John Rozum returns to the fan-favorite title to continue the story of David, and to give the DCU a new corner of urban horror to explore,” said Editor Rachel Gluckstern on The Source blog. “Right from the start, John’s throwing David in over his head, giving new readers and old friends alike the chance to dive into a new story and hold on for the ride. Joining him will be the excellent star artist Frazer Irving on all visual duties to create a world few have seen and fewer still dare to dwell.”

Xombi, the story of a medical researcher whose supernatural wounds were cured by nanomachines that render him immortal, ran for 22 issues. Like the other Milestone characters, Xombi is now part of the DC universe, having been introduced into it last year in Brave & the Bold #26. Rozum recently posted more background information about the character on his blog.

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