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A couple of quick notes …

  • First off, a bit of sad news for us here at Robot 6 … Melissa Krause, who does her Your Mileage May Vary column on Saturdays, is leaving us. Melissa is currently in her last semester at law school, where things are getting hectic, and something had to give. We wish her the best as she wraps up that chapter in her life and hope that once she’s done she’ll be able to return.
  • Second, you may have noticed there were no Unbound or Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs columns this week. Or, at least, so far this week … both Brigid Alverson and Michael May’s columns are moving to the weekends. Look for Brigid’s today and Michael’s tomorrow morning.
  • And last, we want to send our best wishes to Tom Bondurant and his family this week, who left town unexpectedly earlier this week due to a family illness. Tom and Grumpy Old Fan will no doubt be back next week.

Your Mileage May Vary: Smallville: Absolute Justice

Smallville event “Absolute Justice” hit this week, and the long-awaited appearance of the Justice Society definitely got people talking.

It probably goes without saying that this post contains episode spoilers.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Human Target

Human Target just made his jump to TV recently and so far the reactions have been interesting.

Johnny from Fan Rants gave the series a positive review:

Human Target

Human Target

Frankly the casting is spot on, all solid actors with their own strengths and they thus far have brought solid performances to the show. The main thing they have changed is the fact that Chance is no longer a master of disguise but rather a bodyguard. A highly skilled and connected bodyguard that is.

They have dropped many hints that he may have been a spy at one time, but nothing concrete. What we do know is, he speaks multiple languages, so far Japanese and Russian, knows martial arts, is a master shot and tactician.

I like the show for its action and humor. So far the writing has been very well done and as I said earlier, the casting is very good. They are actually using some quality comic book writers for the scripting, Carmine Infantino and Len Wein have writing credit on the first two episodes. Also they have had some excellent guest stars so far, Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Danny Glover, Alessandro Juliani (BSG), Sean Maher (Firefly), and Emmanuelle Vaugier (CSI NY).

Graeme McMillan feels that the concept suffers in comparison to the comic:

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Your Mileage May Vary: Birds of Prey

As announced earlier this week, Gail Simone’s much-missed Birds of Prey is returning, and it seems like everyone has something to say.

Alan of Reilly2040’s blog is excited:

Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1

Of course, things have moved on again since Black Canary was in JLA, and I think its fair to say that the move didn’t really do her character any favours, with her automatically playing second fiddle to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and then the eventual Green Arrow/Black Canary book that never really seemed to take off (for the record I was never opposed to the marriage itself, but the book has never seemed to really click).

So the announcement that Birds of Prey is coming back, with the core cast of Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk reunited is brilliant news. I really can’t wait to see how Gail approaches the happenings in the characters lives since the first series ended (and could we please have Helena reinstate the updated version of her current costume. It looked so much more practical).

While the blogger at 1979 Semi-Finalist has some trepidation:

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Your Mileage May Vary – Blake Lively as Carol Ferris

Some recent big news is that Blake Lively has been cast as Carol Ferris in the Green Lantern movie. Naturally this has been getting a lot of reaction among fans and bloggers.

Valerie D’Orazio points out the issue of Ms. Lively’s age:


I’ll be honest, I saw more a brunette like Anne Hathaway, or perhaps even Jennifer Connelly playing the role. And yeah, I think age is a factor here as well as overall “look” – Lively being 22 and my conception of Ferris being somewhere in her late 20s/early 30s. Ryan Reynolds, who is playing Green Lantern, is 33. According to Hollywood, guys in their 3os & 40s are still vital and sexy, while there’s a preference for their female counterparts to be in their 20s. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that’s the way it is – and this is why so many actresses, as they approach 30, drive themselves crazy and get plastic surgery and develop eating disorders, etc; it’s a business decision.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Your Year in Review

It’s probably not a shock that the first few days of January brings a lot of looking back over the year before. Of course, the fans with their comic blogs are doing it too.

Anj of the Comic Box Commentary gives us a very Supergirl-centric look at his favorite moments over the past year:

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #6

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #6

So when I was reading Cosmic Adventures #6 and saw the hand emerging from that swirl, I knew just what Landry Walker and Eric Jones were referencing. I knew this was ‘the hand that Krona saw’, the hand of creation. And then we see that the hand belongs to Supergirl!! It was the best mix of DC history and Supergirl that this DC history/Supergirl fan could ask for. Perfect! Readers who don’t know the Krona connection probably did not get as big a bang for this scene as I did. But I had a silly grin on my face for a while after reading it.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Captain America Reborn #5

So Captain America: Reborn #5 came out this past week, and the miniseries is approaching its end.

Naturally, the linked articles and quotes contain spoilers.

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Your Mileage May Vary: On Power Girl’s Costume

This week we’ve seen some interesting discussion stemming from a scene in the JSA: 80 Page Giant comic, in which Power Girl and Cyclone address Power Girl’s costume.

Esther Inglis-Arkell starts things off:

Power Girl

Power Girl

And I heard the justification about how Canary’s outfit was in tribute to her mother, even when that means she’s in panties and a jacket in the First Wave books. And I’ve heard the one about Poison Ivy being a plant and therefore unconcerned about human modesty. Oh, and I’ve heard the one about Supergirl being invulnerable and therefore not needing pants. There are a few about how Huntress wanted to show off the fact that she was shot, and she lived, and that’s why she fought in a bikini. And then there’s the one about Batman and Superman . . . oh. Wait. There aren’t that many excuses for how Batman and Superman dress because, golly, for some reason, the male heroes in this mostly male-controlled medium put their fucking clothes on when they’re going to fight someone.

Are you kidding me? I’m getting an ‘I choose my choice’ speech from a fictional character? Feminist fans are getting a slap because they won’t accept one bullshit excuse after another for why male heroes are mostly fully-clothed and female heroes mostly walk around in their underwear?

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Your Mileage May Vary: Green Lantern Corps #42

Of this week’s comic haul, Green Lantern Corps #42 seems to have gotten quite a reaction. Mostly due to the end, of course.

(I’m betting he’ll be back in a month.)

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Your Mileage May Vary: Detective Comics #857

Detective Comics #857

Detective Comics #857

Detective Comics‘ “Elegy” storyline has come to a close, and it’s interesting to see what different readers have to say about the ending.

Johnny Flash at mostly liked the issue, but had a few nitpicks:

While there was a lot of Batwoman in action this issue, there wasn’t much in the way of character development with Kate herself. Or at least it didn’t appear overtly until the end. At one point Kate’s dad seems to recognized the pale Alice, calling her “Beth”, but Alice turns away. As the issue wraps up, Alice is headed toward a classic “Joker” moment by falling from the plane to the waters of Gotham below but not before addressing Kate and making a remark about “Our Father”! In classic comic book fashion, we can be assured to see Alice again someday, but I love the cliffhanger! A perfect tease to make me want to know even more about Kate’s origin and see how Beth/Alice fits in!

The backup feature, Renee Montoya’s Question finally feels like she is getting somewhere in her investigation by conferring with her associate Toth, but then quickly finds herself in yet another skirmish where the bad guys would rather take out one of their own than let her find out the next bit of the puzzle. I’m just really not sure if I’m not getting into this because of the limited pages and the pacing. I think that when compiled in an eventual trade it will seem to go on endlessly with a lot of the same. I think I need to set up a weekend task of reading all the Question back up’s in one sitting to see if they are more cohesive when read that way.

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Your Mileage May Vary: More on the Marvel/Disney Deal

The Disney-buying-Marvel announcement was the biggest news this week, and it’s been discussed pretty much everywhere. Which means that naturally, it’s being featured in this column too.

Blogger Nicki Marvel examines what she percieves as the pros and cons of the deal:



# Pro #1 – Disney will probably let Marvel be the brains behind their movies and animation industry, a la Pixar/Disney, since they know that the experts are the better movie makers. The success of “Iron Man” certainly proved that Marvel could handle its own characters well, and although “The Incredible Hulk” did not perform to ridiculous numbers, it did alright.

# Con to #1 – On the other hand… there is the possibility that one wrong move on Marvel’s part, if a movie fails rather than surprisingly succeeds like “Iron Man,” that Disney will step in and sell the soul of the comic in order to make the money back. Just look at FOX to see something like that in motion, and can we say “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and leave it at that? Sure they might be given freedom … at first, but Disney is a smart studio and it will take control if things aren’t working out. Thus sending millions of fanboys crying to bed.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Batgirl #1

All summer, we’ve been wondering about the identity of the new Batgirl. And now we know, thanks to Batgirl #1, which just came out. Naturally, everyone has something to say about the issue.

It probably goes without saying that the following links and excerpts contain spoilers.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Cry For Justice #2

A particular scene from James Robinson’s Cry for Justice #2 has sparked a lot of interesting discussion.

Jason Fliegel at Howling Curmudgeons thinks it’s boneheaded:


First, I understand that in real life, sometimes people have threesomes. So I’m not going to automatically cry “sexism!” just because some writer decides to have one of his male characters get in bed with two women. There probably is some amount of … sexism is the wrong word, so let’s go with pandering … there probably is some amount of pandering to the typical readers’ fantasies in describing a M-F-F threesome instead of a F-M-M threesome. And while one incident does not sexism make, I’d be willing to bet that if we got 100 threesomes in mainstream superhero comics, damn near all 100 of them would involve two women. So while each of the individual writers describing these threesomes wouldn’t necessarily be sexist, it does (I would think) create an environment that probably makes women less likely to read mainstream superhero comics.

Second, this just seems inappropriate for a comic like this one. This isn’t even a “mature readers only” comic. Even if it were, I’m all in favor of mature comics, but a mature comic doesn’t just throw out sexual references for titilation purposes. If you want to do a “mature readers” Justice League comic that explores human sexuality — well, I think it’s probably a bad idea, but a good writer could make it work. But this is just a one-off crude joke.

Third, it is completely out of character for Green Lantern, it is completely out of character for the Huntress, and I don’t know a damned thing about the current version of Lady Blackhawk, but from what I hear, it’s completely out of character for her, too. So now we’re ignoring the nature of the characters in order to shoe-horn in an inappropriate joke that panders to our readers and helps create a climate of sexism.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Wednesday Comics

So DC’s Wednesday Comics had its debut recently. It’s new and different, so it’s very interesting to see what people have to say about it.

Glenn Walker thought it was amazing:

Wednesday Comics #1

Wednesday Comics #1

Kyle Baker’s Hawkman is stunning. Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred have recreated the Silver Age Metamorpho perfectly. The Flash is the peak of sequential storytelling. Great to see a jet age Green Lantern, it’s the era he was created for. Father and son Kuberts do Sgt. Rock, just as husband and wife Palmiotti and Conner give us a delightful take on Supergirl, Krypto and Streaky. Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook pay homage to Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant with Jack Kirby’s Kamandi just as Paul Pope does the same for Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon with his Adam Strange. It’s just beautiful.

And for those of you for whom that last paragraph means nothing, don’t worry. The best thing about Wednesday Comics is that it’s non-continuity. In English, that means it’s mainstream – it’s accessible to any readers new or old. If you’ve been reading these things forever or if you wouldn’t know a Teen Titan from Tony the Tiger, you’ll still enjoy this.

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Your Mileage May Vary: Captain America #600

One of the most notable comic book releases this week was Captain America #600, which was so notable in fact, that it was released in many stores two days early.

We’ve already hear some retailer reactions to the entire situation, but what did comic book fans think about it?

The blogger at “Funnybook of the Week” found it baffling:

Captain America #600

Captain America #600

Marvel has promised to hype this up as a huge event, even with an odd release date of today – a Monday for heaven’s sake – to emphasize the importance of the issue. So let’s pretend that the general populace, who went crazy for the death of Steve Rogers and bat-$#!% crazy over Barack Obama hanging out with Spider-Man, bites on this press release and flocks to their neighborhood funnybook store to throw down five bucks for fluff and a teaser…I wonder if they’ll be as likely to dive into the shops the next time Marvel points the hype machine away from the specialty web sites and out at the non-comic obsessed public.

After all, this isn’t even where he comes back from the dead…this is where they announce that he might possibly be resurrected thanks to the special gun that was used to (possibly not) kill him. It all seems anti-climactic for the kind of hype that the book has been afforded.

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