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Bill Griffith posts Zippy/Family Circus crossover

I was surprised when Bil told me he read Zippy in his local Arizona paper and liked it. He didn’t even qualify his opinion with the usual, “Of course, I don’t always get it.” Until then, I hadn’t paid much attention to The Family Circus, but I slowly began to see that you could read more into it than what appeared on the surface.

We mentioned the other day that the late Bil Keane once did a Family Circus crossover with Bill Griffith’s Zippy. Griffith has a nice piece at The Comics Journal that explains how the crossover came about and reinforces what everyone says about Keane being a nice guy but also sharper than his genial comic would lead you to believe; he also posts the Zippy strips that feature Jeffy and the Family Circus panel that features Zippy in all their surreal glory.

Send Us Your Tat Porn!

Well, I asked and you answered. Last week I inquired whether anyone out there had any interesting comic-related tattoos they’d be interested in sharing with the rest of the Robot 6 community. And while I wasn’t necessarily bowled over with submissions, I did get a couple of interesting responses, which you can find after the jump …


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