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Comics A.M. | DC Comics retains rights to The Spirit Archives

The Spirit Archives, Vol. 1

Publishing | DC Comics may no longer hold the rights to create new stories about The Spirit and other pulp heroes like Doc Savage and The Avenger, but it does retain the license to publish The Spirit Archives for “the foreseeable future,” according to Denis Kitchen, agent for the Will Eisner estate. Most of the hardcover collections are out of print. [The Beat]

Digital comics | Third time’s the charm for retailer Steve Bennett, as he goes through three different tablets (one was stolen, one malfunctioned) on his way to the ideal digital comics experience. [ICv2]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon kicks off his annual round of holiday interviews with a lengthy conversation with Alison Bechdel, creator of Fun Home and Are You My Mother? [The Comics Reporter]

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Meet Britain’s newest comics creator: 11-year-old Zoom Rockman

Photo via Mischa Haller, The Independent (UK)

Legendary comics writer/editor Jim Shooter got his first job in comics at age 14, and Malachai Nicolle began collaborating on Axe Cop when he was just 5. And now the United Kingdom has introduced its own pre-teen comics prodigy: Zoom Rockman.

Introduced to the world in The Independent, Rockman (his real name!) is an 11-year-old comics writer/artist living in London who writes, draws and pubishes his own Beano-style anthology titled The Zoom!, and he’s been doing it since he was 9. Although Rockman’ s comic skills may not be up to par with U.K. comics colleagues like Alan Moore or Frank Quitely, the kid has been prolific, creating six issues to date, with a seventh planned for release later this year.

“I’ve discovered the future of comics,” tweeted pro comics (and adult) comics artist Luke Pearson. “It’s name is Zoom Rockman and we don’t stand a chance.”

Rockman has already won several awards, including the Best Story prize at London’s Band Dessinée & Comics Passion Festival, as well as an International Kids Cartoonist Award from Bucheon International Comics Festival in South Korea. Sadly, Rockman only publishes 250 copies of each issue of The Zoom!, and they’re only available in his neighborhood shops — not worldwide. Yet.

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